Tiny opportunities can lead to BIG CHANGES.
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Hey <<First Name>>,

Before we get fully entrenched in the work week, I want to talk to you for a second about opportunity. 

Not necessarily life's big opportunities - ya know, job offers, traveling the world, huge collabs (that's what cool people call collaborations...) 

No, this week I want to talk about tiny opportunities. Those moments in life that offer up such subtle and seemingly insignificant doors that most days you probably blow right past them. 

But first, a quick story. Actually, to be more specific, a quick looooovvve story. (So very Valentine's Day of me, I know.)


Back in college, I was president of our advertising club. Among my many tasks, I was responsible for booking speakers for our club meetings. It was always my goal to bring in people that our members would find both interesting and informational, so one Thursday evening I had arranged for some young, crazy entrepreneur to Skype in and chat to the group about his experience building a unique marketing business wearing t-shirts. 

As I listened to his story, there was something about his enthusiasm and - truthfully - his complete disregard for "the rules" in business/life/marketing, etc. that left me captivated. (A foreign concept to a rule-follower by birth like myself.)

At the end of the talk he mentioned he was trying to start a non-profit organization and that was going to be his next big undertaking.

I distinctly remember that he didn't ask for help or invite anyone to contribute to his efforts, but something in me was so inspired. I  just knew that there was more this person could teach me, so later that night I emailed him saying I'd be willing to help with his new endeavor in any way I possibly could. 

In many ways, that one email changed my life. 

That entrepreneur was Jason Surfrapp (then Sadler.) Aside from now being the great forever partner of my life four years later (cue the awwwsss and the sappy music), I can also say with 100% confidence that it was Jason's example and encouragement that helped me to fall in love with entrepreneurship and with my own creativity

In 2011, I was able to leave the corporate world altogether to work for his startup company where I developed many of the skills that allowed me to become fully self-employed and to open my own design studio and creative brand, Made Vibrant.

How crazy is it that that one small step has led me to this very big life?! 

The point is that I saw a tiny opportunity - to learn more from someone that inspired me - and I raised my hand. I went out on a limb. And seizing that opportunity has truly changed my life. 


Now let's talk about you. 

I want you to think about where might you be one year from now if you take advantage of every tiny opportunity that comes your way. 

My challenge to you this week is to keep an eye out for the tiny opportunities all around you. Throughout the day, ask yourself,

"Am I excited about this?"
"Do I want to learn more?"
"How can I explore this further?" and finally
"How can I raise my hand?"

Then I ask you to choose ONE SINGLE OPPORTUNITY that you might not have otherwise taken, and see where it leads.

Maybe it's volunteering to take on a project at work. Or reaching out to someone you admire. Or asking for help. 

Allow yourself to imagine the possibilities if you were to step out onto that limb. 

There's no guarantee that one decision can change your life but I want you to know I'm proof that it's possible. Who knows what's out there waiting for you if you just seize your opportunities?

Remember, tiny opportunities can lead to BIG CHANGES. 

Happy Monday, friends! Let's make it a great one! 



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