Report live from the field with the new GXP Xplorer Snap mobile app - now available for download on Google play and the Apple App Store.
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Introducing GXP Xplorer® Snap

Report live from anywhere in the field – just snap and submit to share with your enterprise!

BAE Systems GXP®’s newest mobile app is now available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play. GXP Xplorer® Snap is compatible with iOS and Android devices, and works as a companion app to your existing GXP Xplorer server, providing smart phone-based photo reporting capabilities from anywhere.*

*Requires access credentials with Upload role permission to an existing GXP Xplorer server and a data connection on the smart device.

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With GXP Xplorer Snap, every smart phone in the field is an eye on the target, allowing you to crowd-source your information gathering and share photo reports across the organization.

Here's how it works...

Individuals on the scene can quickly snap pictures of items of interest, enter a title and description, and click Submit. GXP Xplorer Snap automatically geotags and time stamps the photo reports, and uploads them to the GXP Xplorer server, where they are cataloged and can be accessed and shared by anyone in the enterprise. 

Snap a photo in the field, enter a title and description, and submit.

The photo report is automatically geotagged, time-stamped, and uploaded to the GXP Xplorer server.

GXP Xplorer catalogs the report and shares it across the enterprise.

Download GXP Xplorer Snap today!

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GXP Xplorer Mobile
update available!


GXP Xplorer Mobile, GXP’s full-feature, tablet-based mobile reporting and data discovery app now interfaces with both v2.0.2 and v2.1 GXP Xplorer servers. 

This latest build features faster search results, a new button-based Search on the map, and the addition of several popular map backgrounds, such as Google Maps, Open Street Maps, and Esri, to give users more flexibility for their display.

Download from Google play Download from Apple App Store
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