We have a new website, lots of upcoming events, and - we're hiring!
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Same ARCH. New website.
It was not that long ago when ARCH received the wonderful news that we were granted an unexpected $15,000 second prize for Canada’s Worst Charity Website contest. rTraction was so impressed with our social media efforts during the contest and the overwhelming support we received from all of you that they created a second place prize just for us. A special thank you to the organizers at London based rTraction for developing this fresh look for our new website.

The new website is easy to use and is just one of the new innovative ways we are continuing to communicate with you about all of the things we are up to, the services we offer and the many opportunities to get involved at ARCH. Check out the site, and let us know what you think. Like the arch chosen to represent our work, our doors are always open. Visit us anytime at
Join us for these upcoming events...
Sign up now to register and participate in the Scotiabank AIDS Walk for Life in Guelph.

10 Days of Resilience: From September 25 - October 4, Guelph is home to events to create awareness of gender-based violence in our communities.
The Central West Opening Doors Forum is designed to strengthen HIV counselling skills, services and resources, by bringing together caregivers, social service providers, health care workers, addiction workers, counsellors, clergy, families, friends and people living with HIV, to support and learn from each other. We will present a forum that will provide an opportunity to discuss the complex issues of supporting individuals and personally managing life issues as they relate to HIV. Click here to register now!

Events for people living with HIV:

  • Social Hour, September 8, 15, 22 & 29
    • snacks & discussion, every Monday from 2-4pm 
  • Women's Conversation Cafe, Sept 18 & Oct 16 from 6-8pm
    • connect with others over shared experiences and build a supportive and caring network
  • Trauma Group, starting September 29
    • details below; register by Sept 26
  • Movie Night, September 30
Trauma Recovery Group
WHAT IS TRAUMA? Trauma is a Greek word for “wound”. In regards to psychological trauma it is an event(s) that damages our psyche, overwhelming our ability to cope and process the experience. Trauma is an event(s) that is perceived as something severely distressing that can have lasting impacts on not only our emotional well-being but can seep into our physical, mental and spiritual health as well. Prolonged traumatic stress symptoms can lead to a number of mental and physical health issues, namely depression, anxiety, hypertension, addictions and even chronic pain.

In recognition of the traumatic histories among PHAs, ARCH has developed a Trauma Recovery Program. The program is aimed at educating individuals about trauma and the impact it can have on every element of our lives. It will provide you with not only knowledge about trauma, but tools and strategies you can use to improve your quality of life. 
  • The group will be a closed group, meaning no new members will be able to join once the group has been established.
  • Each group will consist of 6-8 participants to create a safe and contained space.
  • The groups will be gender specific, meaning groups will consist of only those who identify as women for example.
  • The group consists of 12 sessions, which will be spread out over 6-12 weeks depending on the schedules of participants. 
  • Each session will last approximately 2 hours (1-2, 10 minute breaks depending on participants)
HOW DO I REGISTER? A meeting can be set up to discuss the group in more detail and complete the registration process. 

WHEN DOES THE GROUP START? The first course of the group will begin the week of September 29th, 2014. This group will be for those who identify as women. Registration for this group ends September 26th, 2014.
Contact Tashauna Devonshire or Jim Watkin for more information.
Get involved with ARCH!
  • Work with us! We are looking for two people to join our team:
    • Street Outreach Worker (Guelph)
    • Sexual Health Awareness Worker (Grey& Bruce Counties)
  • Volunteer with us! We are looking for people to do bar outreach, help us with special events,and share their graphic design skills.
    • ARCH volunteers new and old are invited to join us for training on September 27. Contact to RSVP.
From the ARCHives...
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  • Here is a new tool to help you talk about the sex you want with your partners - cheers to consent and safer sex! (find it online at Autostraddle, June 19)
  • Know your rights about accessing dental care and living with HIV (via Canadian Treatment Action Council)
  • Learn some things your workplace can do to be more trans inclusive (Shakesville, October 2009)

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