Last Call! 
Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the eternal spring of 2020 quarantine time is transitioning into summer. While we are all figuring out how we will re-emerge, Mother Earth is in full bloom.

In this uncertain time, I have extended the date for Donation, Pay What You Can Private Sessions to May 31, 2020. These sessions must be booked by that date, but the actual session can be scheduled into June.

In these sessions, we take you deeper into truth, clarity, grounding, clearing, healing old wounds, and connecting to plants and higher consciousness. We can work with an intention, a theme, a challenge or with whatever arises - thoughts, emotions, sensations, soul guidance, and time/space dimensions.

Sessions are 60-75 minutes each, via Zoom, phone or Signal.

You can book by responding to this email or finding a time from the "Book a Session" link below.

Sending love and gratitude for this new emergence,

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Words From a Client
"Words seem very limited when it comes to describing my experiences with Jaime. The inner work that I have been able to do under her gentle and loving guidance is invaluable. Nothing short of magic. 

Living on another continent, all of our sessions take place remotely. However, it always feels as if she is right there with me. I feel supported, like I have a safety line present at all times. During a session we enter the inner dimensions of spirit and together explore what is there. It is hard to convey this with words, but the experience I have during our sessions is that we really are together in this inner space, like having a travel companion..."

Read more here.
Intuitive Readings
Intuitive Readings by consulting the ancient archetypal wisdom of the Tarot. We can look at any area of your life, explore what's been hiding beneath, ask for wisdom, clarity and where to focus your energy.
Special Rates for 2020:
$20 for 20 minutes
$40 for 45 minutes
$50 for 60 minutes
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Musings from the Blog

"When the Condor of the South comes together with the Eagle of the North, the spirit of Mother Earth - Pacha Mama - will awake, then She will awake millions of her children, this will be the Resurrection of the Dead.” (Incan Elder Willaru Huayta)⁣ ... Read more here.
Art: Creacion, Luis Tamani,

Slowly transitioning from this place of deep introspection, we see, feel, experience the foundation of our being has been re-organized. Metanoia, rooted in the ancient Greek word “meta", meaning beyond or after and “noeo", meaning perception or understanding. The word often is used for describing a profound transmutation of consciousness or change of heart....Read more here.

...the space between...
4 years ago, I serendipitously arrived on the banks of the Ganges in Varanasi. When I walked down to the ghats for the first time, I was flooded with deja vu. Death and that time-space between death and birth was immediately very tangible, present and serious. The smell of burning flesh, the never-ending flames, the bathers…it was another dimension that demanded my entire awareness. Dead bodies were being cremated on the banks of the river, and the ashes were released into the holiest river in India. To end life in this way, is believed to end the cycle of death and rebirth, a final liberation, moksha, returning back to the Divine...⁣⁣⁣Read more here.
About Jaime K Lehner, MS, MBA
Jaime is a Guide for Consciousness Transformation, Intuitive and Shamanic Energy Healer. She supports those on a healing and spiritual awakening path through private sessions, group work and transformational adventures in Peru and India. Jaime has spent 10 years working with Amazonian plant medicines and 7 years as an energy healer. You can read more about her path from a traditional career as an environmental engineer through her own deep healing journey that ultimately brought her to this work here or visit
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