We are all up-leveling consciousness now. This is a time where the wisdom of Mother Earth is especially potent, and I want to help in the ways that I can. I’m currently offering private sessions by donation. We work in the energy field, with the energy of the Earth, the plants and higher consciousness to guide you to more understanding, grounding, healing, clearing and direction.
These sessions are meant for anyone working through some challenges as well as inspiration brought on by the current events. If you are interested in a session, please reply to this email or use the button below. Donation sessions are available through March 31, 2020. I look forward to supporting you in this unfolding.

With love,
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My heart followed the call back to the jungle. It couldn’t not follow it to a place where I feel safe and free to explore deep corners and temples of consciousness, to open to Mother Earth for her healing, and to call my soul home to this present moment. I was held in every way possible, nourished and rejuvenated with the plants, the animals, the jungle and dear friends. I return with clarity, purpose, direction, compassion, strength, softness and wonder. My heart is full.
With our reality in crisis now, it was a pure gift of the divine, to travel safely, be protected for this deep work. Now more than ever, going within, turning off the media, discovering our own truths, not getting caught in the stories, is vital for our well-being and the well-being of humanity and the Earth. When we know the truth in our hearts, the answers appear. It may not be what we want them to be, but our lives are meant for greater purpose. Reverence, respect and devotion to the divine intelligence, we surrender into perfect unfolding. We listen, we choose, and we go on our soul’s path home.
In the midst of a rapidly shifting world, we all have our work to do. Some of us are deep in our inner work, cleaning out the crevasses of our consciousness, uprooting old fears, seeing places where are are living in limited capacity, and gaining clarity on what’s truly important.

We are stripping away what’s not necessary for our evolution individually and collectively. Some of us are feeling called in new ways, offering a helping hand to a neighbor, reaching out to estranged family members, supporting those who are financially stressed, and stepping into new alignment as leaders. The beauty of the crisis moving through, is we get to step into the truth of who we are. 
We need all of us here, now, contributing in our unique ways to this evolution. Everything, no matter how seemingly small or large, is part of the grand puzzle. The most important path is following what you know is true in your heart - for your well-being, the well-being of your loved ones, humanity and the Earth. 
We are going through an initiation, an up-leveling of consciousness. We are being guided to open to new realities, discover deep truths, release old emotions, and move in the direction of our hearts and purpose. It’s precious, intimate work and takes courage to see into places that have been long hidden. 
At this time, I’m offering private sessions by donation to those who are transitioning into new thresholds. While I normally work more long-term with clients, I’m now offering single sessions as I feel one session of support for some can make the world of difference.
In sessions, we work with the mind-body-spirit, guiding the transformation of consciousness to make room for what truly wants and needs to be here. We work in the energy field, and come up with practical day-to-day practices to keep you flowing and connected to higher consciousness. 
If this resonates, please reach out! Donation sessions are available through March 31, 2020. Sessions are by Zoom or phone, and generally take 60-75 minutes.  Suggested donation is $75-125, but I will honor and support those who feel they could really use this and pay what they can. Donation sessions are available through March 31, 2020.

I believe in your path, however it unfolds in this time. Trusting the process.

Sending many blessings for our evolution as a planet. 

Much love,
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If you want to be up-to-date on the latest offerings, travels and musings, please follow my Instagram account. Look forward to sharing with you there!
Jaime Lehner Jaime Lehner
Fear is contagious.
Having been back in the US for less than 48 hours, I’m shocked at how intense the fear and panic is running through the collective. The grocery stores are packed and the shelves are barren. Today people were congregating in the corner of the pharmacy talking about all their fears around what’s happening. As an empath, I feel it deeply - which has been for me physically feeling headaches, nausea, lightheadedness and dizziness. It’s taken me some work to get stabilized in my body, clearing out the fear and grounding in my own being again.... continue reading here.
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Tarot Readings

These archetypal energies are used intuitively to help guide you on your journey. We can look at next steps in any areas of your life, explore what's been hiding beneath the surface and ask for more wisdom and clarity.

Kameron recently had a reading and shared "Highly recommend! I had a reading last week and I'm still mulling it over. I gained a lot of clarity around navigating this transitional phase I'm in. Truly grateful for your guidance Jaime.”

20-minute reading for $20
45-minute reading for $40

60-minute reading for $50

(We can also include the Tarot in any private session.)
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About Jaime K. Lehner, MS, MBA

Jaime is a Guide for Consciousness Transformation, Intuitive and Shamanic Energy Healer. She supports those on a healing and spiritual awakening path through private sessions, group work and transformational adventures in Peru and India. Jaime has spent 10 years working with Amazonian plant medicines and 7 years as an energy healer. You can read more about her path from a traditional career as an environmental engineer through her own deep healing journey that ultimately brought her to this work here or visit
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