" the answer "
As humans, we are often seeking "the answer” to our problems. “The answer” is what we think we want or need that will make us happy and free. Whether it be a new job, a new place to live, a new partner, a new life, a new government, a new healthcare system a new educational system... or some alteration of what we have or how we live now. We love to be living in fantasy and fix-it mentality. From this place, it is easy to blame and judge others and ourselves, or become overly stressed and fixated on obtaining a goal or idealized situation. 
When we think we know “the answer,” we will do anything to get the prize. The disadvantage of being attached to it is that we lose connection with the present moment and the beauty and adventure of life. At the same time, the “prize” is often a placeholder for what IS actually in alignment with our higher vision and purpose.  As we let life unfold, the attachments drop away, and we see our vision and purpose with more clarity and purity. We and our lives are always in refinement. The key is we have to go the way life shows us, to learn and grow into our visions. If we arrived at our vision right away, as we often want, so that our worries and fears can be soothed, we wouldn’t be prepared in our full capabilities to be able to handle it. 
For the last 6 months, “the answer” for me was a new home. After 6+ years of traveling and living abroad, I wanted a place to call home - a place where I can rest, return to, connect to and cultivate the land, and share with friends and loved ones. I have tended to and cultivated a richly satisfying internal home, but was lacking in an external home. Instead of landing in one place these last 6 months, I stayed with friends and family, rented a sublet, and went on a month-long road trip, all while looking for rentals in the Bay Area. All of these are normally things I love to be doing, yet with the deep longing for a home, I felt unsettled and uneasy. I had become attached to the idea of home and it drew me away from the present moment. Once I let go of all my efforting to get to the idealized prize, a home appeared that I instantly felt was right for me to grow in my next chapter. It’s not “the answer” I had hoped for, but I saw clearly that it was a gift, and an essential step in my unfolding path.
As we shift into a new season of fall, let’s all let go of something we’ve been attached to - on a individual or collective level. Let’s be present with the unfolding of life, allow ourselves to see the lessons, the richness and the wonder, all while holding a higher vision for life on earth. In this space, the universe can bring us unexpected gifts and opportunities.

Sending blessings~
awakening + puppy love
Two years ago, little miss Chiric Sanango and I found each other in Peru. I never knew that this special connection would grow, evolve and offer me endless lessons. While reflecting on that day, I remembered something else that had happened that I’ve never really shared…read more.

private sessions

Sessions are via phone, Skype/Zoom (or in person in the Bay Area).
Single sessions: Sliding scale: $75-100
Series of 4 sessions: $275
(Discounts available for those in need)
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plant medicine integration

Working with sacred plant medicines can dramatically transform your life. To get the most out of these experiences, it requires understanding, integration and support.

energy healing

Your mind, spirit and bodies are intelligently held in an energy field. The energy gets 'stuck' and held in place by old mental programming that is often out of your awareness.

psycho-spiritual counseling

As we move into living a fully integrated human-spiritual life, there are many shifts and transformations. 

about jaime

Jaime supports those on a healing and spiritual awakening path. She specializes in plant medicine integration, energy healing, coaching and counseling. She offers one-on-one sessions and leads transformational adventures in Peru and India.
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