Summer of Faith

Life’s most powerful lessons come when we least expect them. One of my dear friends passed away suddenly the day before Mother’s Day. It was a shock to my system, and I received lessons on grief, death and faith.
Grief can be experienced as a emotional tornado, a deep dark hole or a brief breeze moving through us. What’s on the other side of these emotions - is a clearing. Sometimes a knowing peace settles in. Or a clarity, or a realization. We see that life is still pulsing, but it's forever changed.
Naturally, my friend’s death threw me into contemplation of my own existence, and the preciousness and impermanence of human life. He was a shining example of someone who lived and loved life to it’s fullest. His heart failed him as he was dancing - one of his absolute favorite things to do! He was truly living every last minute. As I honored his life in song, prayer and ceremony, I also got to honor my life, and all of life on this planet, recognizing it too can pass quickly.
Most people hear the word “faith" and think “But I’m not religious!” ...and I’m one of those people. Often we are thinking of blind faith - or  “belief without true understanding, perception, or discrimination.” But I prefer the definition of faith as "trust or confidence in someone or something.” Through the experiences of our lives, we gather evidence of this SOMETHING. It moves and guides us. The world may feel like it’s crumbling down all around us, but somehow, it doesn’t. We are still here, living another day. This is what I believe faith is - what holds the pieces of us together, like glue, even through our pain and suffering. Our realities as we know it may dissolve, but we continue. Faith allows the unfolding, the transformation, the dying off of the old so the new can come through.
Whatever you may be experiencing this summer (I know it’s been intense for many of us already!), I invite you to tap into that SOMETHING that is holding life together. It never ever goes away, even when it appears to, and even after death. 

Blessings to you!
~ Jaime

(Photo with my friend Brett)
The Gift of Support
This summer I am gifting several individuals 3 private sessions each! I currently have one opening. If you would like to receive this support at no-cost, please email me to set up a time to evaluate if you would be a good fit!

Private Sessions

Plant Medicine Integration

Working with sacred plant medicines can dramatically transform your life. To get the most out of these experiences, it requires understanding, integration and support.

Energy Healing

Your mind, spirit and bodies are intelligently connected in an energy field. The energy gets 'stuck' and held in place by old mental programming that is often out of your awareness.

Psycho-Spiritual Guidance

As you move into living a fully integrated human-spiritual life, you  have many shifts and transformations that open up endless possibilities for your life.

About Jaime

Jaime is an energy healer, intuitive consultant, and spiritual journeyer. She offers one-on-one sessions and leads transformational adventures in Peru and India.
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