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M&D Issue #129

November 30, 2018

What's in this heart-to-heart?

Recent Goings On:

The last month has been one heck of an emotional roller coaster for me. Not the good kind either, but the kind that isn't up to code and has some screws loose on the big loop at the end.

Yes, it has to do with IVF. No, I don't want to get into it. Let's just say, I got some good news. Then I got the worst news possible. Then I got what might be good news, but it's too soon to say. And now I'm just in a permanent state of emotional burn out.

Anyway, I hope your November was a bit easier than mine. And if it wasn't, then cheers.

Last day to Support the Mighty Pens!

Today is the last day of NaNoWriMo and the last day of the Mighty Pens. But it's not too late to donate!

Every dollar helps, and just think about all the young writers and aspiring authors around the globe that you would be helping! You can watch the video below to learn more.

And donate here!

For the Misfits & Witchlanders:


Read More of The Executioners Three

A bunch of new chapters have gone up since the last newsletter! Stakes are rising! KISSES ARE HAPPENING.

So be sure to check out The Executioners Three on Wattpad -- my paranormal horror mystery.

New chapters drop every Wednesday and Friday. And if everything goes according to plan, the entire book will be up before Christmas. Just in time for you to read it over the holidays...

PLUS, since this is an early draft that I'm sharing as I write, I'll be uniquely poised to walk through how I revise it when that moment eventually comes!

Read the book here!

Last but never least, if you want to preorder Bloodwitch, these are the places to do so! PREORDER CAMPAIGN COMING SOON!


For the Daydreamers:

Oldies But Goodies


Because I am emotionally ragged at the moment, I thought I'd go easy on myself. Rather than write a new post, I've compiled a bunch of old ones for you.

A lot of you subscribers have joined within the last year, and since this newsletter has been out for 4.5 years (!) and my blog for 9 years (!!), there's a ton of content you've probably missed.

AND, since NaNoWriMo is wrapping up, what better time for some insight into revisions, publishing, and/or pushing on when things get hard?


On Staying Motivated

On Revising & Getting Published


I hope some of these resources help you out in this wild, post-NaNoWriMo world!

And honestly, this isn't even remotely close to all the posts I've written over the years. I mean, this is the 129th newsletter right here, and I've written even more blog posts over the years.

So for more resources, head to my website! And maybe one of these days I'll actually get around to linking to allllllllll those old newsletters.*

*Yeah, right. Who am I kidding? That will never happen.

Upcoming Events:


Nothing for now! But stay tuned for a tour in February, when Bloodwitch releases!

Link Roundup:

Since I haven't been keeping up with other people's blogs lately, I thought I'd just link to some other helpful posts of my OWN that I came across while making the above lists. Happy reading!

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