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November 1, 2019

What's in this heart-to-heart?

Recent Goings On:

I got really sick a month ago, and alas, I remain sick. So this month's newsletter will be a rehash of last year's NaNo post. Forgive me!

That said, there are also ~4,000 new subscribers since NaNoWriMo last year, so this will be new for a lot of, yes? 😬

Oh, and in completely unrelated other news, I've been watching a Turkish show called The Protector, and omgosh, everyone needs to watch it. I started it on a whim because something in the description reminded me of the Witchlands—and it's always good to see how other people handle story elements...

Flash forward 6 hours. I'm only 1 season in (of 2), but I'm so impressed by the plotting, acting, and characters. (Team Zeynep forever!!!) Definitely check it out, y'all, if you want some high action urban fantasy in your life.

What I'm Playing:

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For the DenNerds:


Box Set Release + Bookplates!


The box set hits stores a few weeks ago. I unfortunately had to cancel my mini tour because of IVF complications/illness, BUT thank you to everyone who supported the release and bought a copy.

And if I was supposed to see you on the tour, PLEASE EMAIL ME for free bookplates. I will sign as many as you need to fill your books! The email address is
And don't forget you can always order SIGNED COPIES of any of my books (including the box set) from Schuler Books. Just specify at checkout that you want the books personalized and to whom.

The Luminaries turns 5 months old tomorrow! 😱

As mentioned in the last newsletter, I've built a form to gather email addresses for people wanting updates on the final book.

I will ONLY email you when I have an announcement about The Luminaries publication -- such as when it's being published, by whom, where to preorder, etc. I will not use your email for anything else.

So, if you'd like to sign up to get Luminaries updates, then head here!

For the Daydreamers:

NaNoWriMo Links & Help


Yay!! It's NaNoWriMo time!! Or "National Novel Writing Month," for those of you new to the writing world.

Below, I've laid out a bunch of posts that might help you on your NaNo journey, and some posts that might help you after -- because of course, finishing NaNo is only step one!

Do not ever, ever, ever finish NaNoWriMo and assume you are done.

First of all, 50,000 words is not the actual length of a book unless it is middle grade. (Sightwitch, a novella, was 53,000 words, for example. Something Strange and Deadly was 93,000. Bloodwitch was 141,000.)

Second of all, everything you have written is likely terrible. Why do I say this? Because only a beginner would finish NaNoWriMo and assume their book is ready to be published or submitted to agents. And if you're a beginner, your first draft could probably use a lot of revising.

Even if you're not a beginner, your first draft will need a lot of revising. (But non-beginners already know this.)

So whatever you do, fight the urge to self-publish your NaNo novel. Fight the urge to send out query letters. You need to spend at least as much time as you spent writing the book on revising and editing. Period.

I don't say this to dishearten you, but instead to empower you. NaNoWriMo is step one. Step two is actually writing a book that is book-length. And step three is revising that book until it shines.

And I hope all the links below will help you reach that goal! 💪

On Drafting + Staying Motivated
On Revising + Getting Published
I hope some of these resources help you out in this wild NaNoWriMo world!

And honestly, this isn't even remotely close to all the posts I've written. I mean, this is the 145th newsletter right here, and I've written even more blog posts over the years.

So for more resources, head to my website!


Upcoming Events:


Grand Rapids Comic Con
Full schedule to come!
November 8-11
Grand Rapids, MI

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful weekend and wonderful November!


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