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May 2, 2014

I turned in Truthwitch on Monday! HOORAY! I am so proud of that book, but I'm also SO ready to have a break from it. Simply thinking of other characters and other plots for a bit has been incredibly refreshing. Plus, I've been having a blast this week doing all the things I haven't been able to do in months--like reading, catching up on emails (finally!), making new lotions (I made this one yesterday), and even (gasp!) watching TV. It has been pure bliss. ;)

For the Misfits:
Win an ARC of Strange & Ever After
Can you guys believe that Strange & Ever After releases in just under 3 months? Where did the last year go?! Where did THIS year go?! To celebrate the book's not-too-far-off launch, I'll be giving away 1 ARC per month (until 7/22) to you Misfits!! Plus, there'll be more teaser pages coming soon. Ooooh! ;)

So if you want a chance to win a signed advanced copy, just head to the Rafflecopter link here. :)

In kinda-sorta related news, I have new bookmarks!! (Catch a glimpse to the right!)

If you're interested in getting some signed bookmarks for the series (I have them for every book, including A Dawn Most Wicked!), then 
email me your mailing address at, and I'll send some your way! (US only, I'm afraid! Sorry! ALSO, if you'll be at RT, please wait until then to get some. :))

 For the Daydreamers:
Waiting for the First Edit Letter

So as mentioned above, I turned in Truthwitch to my editor. I thought you guys might want to know what exactly that means and what's in store for me.

It essentially all boils down to waiting.

Yeah, I think I've told you guys before that most of this industry/job is waiting, and this is just one more example of that.

Basically, my editor at Tor has the manuscript and her job right now is to read the manuscript and craft something called an "editorial letter" (or just an "edit letter"). In this letter (or email, really) she will suggest Big Picture issues--plot holes, character inconsistencies, setting confusion, etc.--and likely suggest methods for tackling those issues.

The letter might be a few pages or it might be many pages. It just depends on the book, the editor, and how much he/she rambles when they try to explain. ;) I've gotten a letter that was a single page long but took me AGES to address, and I've gotten a letter that was 12 pages, but only took a few days to work through.

My current editor has already informed me that it will take her ~2 months to get me her first edit letter. That might seem like a long time, but it's actually not. Again, it all depends on the editor, the publisher, and the book in question, but I've seen editors take a year to get edit letters to their authors and I've seem editors get a book back in mere days.

In my particular situation, I have a feeling that it will be >2 months before I get an edit letter. Why? Because editors are almost always be behind (it's okay, though--no hard feelings here. You get used to it). Plus, Truthwitch is 160,000 words long and will need a LOT of time just to freakin' read. But we shall see! Once I have the edit letter, I'll let y'all know--and I'll also explain what happens next in this crazy publishing world.

In the meantime, I'll be drafting Sightwitch, working on the "Write a Book with Sooz" workshop, and heading to the Romantic Times convention in New Orleans (see my schedule here and know that I'll also be at the Giant Book Fair Signing and Teen Day). There is plenty to keep me busy while I wait on my edit letter, and if there weren't, I would FIND something to keep me busy--likely by starting a new project.

So even though waiting happens a LOT in this job, there is never any downtime. If you have spare moments, you should always, always be using them!

Now, to wrap up the Daydreamer's section, here are the best writing-related articles I read this week:
Okay, I'm off to make a primer/foundation and maybe some lipstick too (or I'll attempt to make them, at least! HA!). See you guys on Monday on the blog (I'll be talking about critique partners and sharing your work with others)! And as always, thank you for signing up for the Misfits & Daydreamers. If you have any questions about ANYTHING, drop by the forum to ask.

See you next week, my dear, dear friends! And never forget that what you share with others will always bring you more happiness than what you keep for yourself!

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