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November 2, 2018

What's in this heart-to-heart?

Recent Goings On:

I am having SO MUCH FUN working on The Executioners Three. Despite the dead creepy things, that book has become my happy place during the endless saga that is IVF.

Also, because I think it bears sharing, I have spent almost $18,000 out of my pocket on this procedure. Because it isn't covered by insurance in the US.

Susan of last year could not have afforded this. Most families cannot afford this. And for the record, adoption costs even more.

So hey, on that note: don't forget to vote on Tuesday. I don't care what your political views are. Just get out there and use your democratic voice, please.

Join the Mighty Pens!


The Mighty Pens and NaNoWriMo kicked off yesterday, and we've already raised >$1000! 

I am so gosh darn proud.

And hey, it's not too late to join! If you think you might be interested, head here!

Or, if you want to donate to our prizes bucket, head here. We desperately need critiques, books, swag -- whatever you might be able to spare! Thank you! We've had twice the number of people sign up as last year (woohoo!!), and that has put us in the RED when it comes to prizes.

And remember: the more we write, the more we raise!

For the Misfits & Witchlanders:


Sightwitch GIF Recap + Bloodwitch Excerpt on Bookish First!

Did you join in on #ClanChat two weekends ago? IT WAS EPIC.

Like literally, it was epic. Halfway through, a tree fell over in front of my house, knocked down a power line, started a fire, and then shut down power for my entire town for two days.

The power of the Witchlanders, amirite?

In case you missed #ClanChat, I shared a GIF recap of Sightwitch -- and you can check that out here. You're welcome.


If you're itching to read Bloodwitch before it releases in February, then you might be interested to try out Bookish First!

On Monday, they'll be sharing the first 7 chapters! And if you read + leave a short review, you get entered into a raffle for the entire Witchlands series!

Last but not least, even though I'm always embarrassed to do this, I'm really trying to get better about it. Especially since preorders are so, so important for authors. They show my publisher there's reader interest, and that can dictate what kind of promotion and marketing they do.

So if you would consider preordering, I'd be forever grateful to you! (And preorder for other authors you love too!)


P.S. News on a preorder campaign coming soon! Mwuhahaha.

For the Daydreamers:


How I Brainstorm a Novel


I asked for topic ideas on Instagram stories a few days ago -- specifically, what would help you most during NaNoWriMo. And I got a wide range of suggestions, ranging from how to come up with a plot to how to stay motivated to how not to not lose steam.

And what I found was that each subject ultimately led me back to the same explanation: how I write a book. Specifically, how I brainstorm a book (which, as you'll soon see, is critical to a successful draft for me).

But I'll be honest that I was hesitant to share all this information today. Mostly because I'd been saving this stuff for a workshop -- a workshop in which I'd hoped to actually make a little money. But alas, my intended platform (Ampersand) ended up getting bought out before I could ever launch this baby.

And rather than continue to hoard the recipe of me "secret sauce," I decided it's time to share. With you.

The method that follows was literally the KEY that completely unlocked my creativity and transformed how I write.

So I hope it unlocks yours too, especially during this NaNoWriMo season.


And to finish up, here are some links to various examples I mention in the video!


Upcoming Events:


Nothing for now! But stay tuned for a tour in February, when Bloodwitch releases!

Link Roundup:

As always, thank you so much for reading! Have a wonderful weekend!

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