Prism Glassworks Newsletter
February 2015
Issue No.54

Dear Friends,

Last month for Troy Night Out our friend DCon performed his demo "Fume Everything." He brought a lot of his recent work with him. There were minitubes, genie lamps, dry pipes, pendants, and a Burtoni bird collab. DCon decided to go with a minitube for his demo. The piece was made using some prep that DCon brought with him, which allowed him to focus on how he was going to fume the different sections. Much of the minitube was made using different fume techniques over hand striped black tubing, giving those sections a look similar to that of a dirty color changing pipe. At the end of the night something happened that we all dread, the piece cracked as the horn was being attached. Rather than try to fix the crack, we came back in the next day and DCon was able to save much of the minitube. He reassemble the piece and it looks as though nothing ever happened. DCon and I decided that we had to make a collab while he was still in town. We made an errrlephant with a top hat, peanuts, and a peanut pendant. It was great having DCon in the studio again! Here are photos from the demo and the finished pieces.

This month on February 27th from 5-11pm Jeff Newman will be having his Troy Night Out demo titled "It's All Connected," and BombsNamed F will be having his gallery show "Paper & Razor Blades" at the same time. Check out the demo poster for a look at both artists' work.

Next month on March 27th our Troy Night Out demo will feature our good friend and returning demonstrator, Hickory Glass. His demo title is "The Nature of Glass."

Don't forget to sign up for Kiva Ford's Weekend Class "Through The Looking Glass." The cost of the class is $600 and $200 is due at signup, which is nonrefundable. The dates are April 25th & 26th. Lunch is included. Here is a course description: From basic to advanced borosilicate flameworking techniques bridging the gap between scientific and artistic glass. Focus will be put on color applications, assembling, flaring, encapsulating, bridging, sculpting, and a variety of other technical concepts. Students can expect to challenge their abilities and grow to become a more well rounded glassblower. For those of you who cannot make the class, he will be demonstrating for Troy Night Out on April 24th. Follow this link to check out his work.

Some of the upcoming scheduled demos:

May 29th - Peter Muller
June 26th - Chad G & Brandon Martin

I also hope to see you all this Friday February 27th for Jeff Newman's Troy Night Out Demo and BombsNamed F's gallery show!


~Phil Sundling
Prism Glassworks

This Month @PGW:
Jeff Newman and BombsNamed F

Our old friend Jeff Newman (a.k.a. Dr. Doom and Living Glass) will be having his Troy Night Out Demo on Friday February 27th from 5-11pm. BombsNamed F will also be having his gallery art show "Paper & Razor Blades" at the same time

Next Month @PGW: Hickory Glass
"The Nature of Glass" March 27th from 5-11pm.

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