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Back to School - 2017

What does mastery actually mean? It's not as simple as being able to mimic a particular procedure; there are both skills and metaskills involved.

Ruth's Maths Mastery Grid shows you the pedagogical intervention required to teach maths effectively and for children to aquire the necessary skills, concepts and reasoning abilities. Read about how this Grid can help you structure assessment for mastery.


Hamilton are doing some development work on the site, and also working with the mathematical content, in order to offer you a blocked alternative to our spiral curriculum. 

This new system of presenting our maths planning will have the advantage of much greater flexibility while preserving Hamilton's rigorous pedagogy, progression and consistent development of models. However, teachers will be able choose to teach in longer or shorter blocks.

We would like to give interested teachers the opportunity to trial the new system as soon as we have it available and give us your feedback. If you would like to be a part of trials to take place over the next couple of terms, please email and let us know a bit about your school context.

-- Professor Ruth Merttens, Director of Education

Hamilton’s new Reception English plans cover all Literacy EYFS outcomes as well as selected outcomes in other curriculum areas. Plans allow complete flexibility: teach them in any order within the term and adapt activities to the individual needs of your children and to include continuous provision. Try them today.

REMEMBER: Intervention Support for Maths

Hamilton now provides two 'extra support' activities a week for every whole year group to use with those children who are not on target to succeed on their age-related expected objectives. These can be done by a TA with a small group of children.

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New topics this term
* Animals (R)
* Superheroes (R) coming soon
* Events Beyond Living Memory - significant commemorations (KS1)
* E-Safety (KS1) coming soon
* Stone Age to Iron Age (LKS2)
* Meet the Artists (LKS2) coming soon

Topics leaving at the end of this term - download them now if you may want them later!
* Global Gardens
* Houses and Homes
* Once Upon a Time
* Rise of the Robots
* Australia

Year 2 Advice
To find out how to get through the Maths Curriculum before SATs, read our Y2 Maths blog.

Blocking with Hamilton
We are now offering guidance about how to use Hamilton's maths plans in a blocked curriculum structure.
Year 1 | Year 2 | Year 3 | Year 4 | Year 5 | Year 6 |

Using Hamilton's Outcome Sheets
Stuck in the back of children’s exercise books, Hamilton's Outcomes Sheets provide the nuanced, layered outcomes essential for formative assessment. They enable teachers to keep daily/weekly track of children’s progress towards mastery. Find out more.

Outcome Sheets and Summative Assessment
Hamilton’s outcomes are now part of Target Tracker. You can transcribe the outcomes straight to Target Tracker for further analysis and reporting purposes. Find out more.
PowerPoints for teaching grammar are now available for  Key Stage 2.
Contact to switch your Hamilton access (choose KS1, Lower KS2 or Upper KS2).

Hamilton Education's Space Number Line

The numbers 1 to 20 are printed boldly in black on laminated coloured card cut into space shapes.The moon, Saturn, an astronaut, a shooting star and a spaceship make the numbers fun and memorable. The number cards can be evenly spaced along a line and can be moved easily and re-ordered during number activities.These durable shapes make any classroom bright and cheery.

Buy one for your classroom today.
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