JPT News: Issue 1 - 3rd March 2014.
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JPT - Jackets (varsity style)

For current JPT members only: At Jdance, we want the JPT members to feel special for all the extra work and effort they put into their dancing.  The JPT will look professional & modern when arriving at competitions and performances in their varsity jackets. Students must wear Jdance shorts, 3/4 or long pants as well as the new jacket to all JPT events. For warmer weather a t-shirt in the same print style must be purchased and worn! 
Jacket stock for new students has been ordered and due to arrive end May. Please place $66 in an envelope and hand to Jenny for the purchase of JPT jacket.


Performance class members require 2 - 3 costumes for the entire year! 
Cost for costumes should be paid in cash. If you wish to pay by cheque please add 10% GST. Please pay this on or before Saturday 11th June. Place in an envelope with your child's name on the front and hand to Miss Jenny.
All JPT members require black slip-on jazz shoes (no laces) & tan matte tights.
Student measurements in centimetres must be filled out and handed to Miss Jenny at your next class. 
Please use the measurement sheet handed out with annual performance costume notes. You only need to fill out once.

8/u - 2 costumes = $110
10/u - 2 costumes = $115
(10 selected students are in a 3rd dance - add $55)
12/u - 2 costumes = $115
Seniors - 3 costumes = $180

For your reference, the names of our first 2016 dances are:

8/u Performance -
10/u Performance -
"The Monster"
12/u Performance (10 selected 10/u) -
"Inspector Gadget"
Senior Performance -

***I will do my best to make dates available as soon as possible. Eisteddfods will give me proposed dates in advance but the specific date & time for each group is sometimes only sent to me 1-2 weeks beforehand. Therefore you may receive many tentative dates per eisteddfod and then closer to the Eisteddfod your specific time will be allocated. Fetes are usually allocated well in advance. If you know of any performance opportunities please let Jenny know! The JPT are available for bookings at events.

I am looking forward to a great 2016 year! Work hard in class and reap the rewards. Remember: "Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect".

Welcome to the JPT - Jdance Performance Team 

All correspondence between “Jdance” & “Jdance Performance Team” members is sent via email. In addition, all information will be displayed on the website and also on the notice board at the studio, plus facebook. This gives you 4 methods with which to receive the information.  News issues are numbered and dated to ensure team members are aware of the issue date. Parents and students are expected to keep up to date with all information and organize their schedules immediately upon receiving dates. That way if you have an important family commitment that clashes Jenny can work with choreography in advance accordingly. The less this happens the better as it does waste valuable class time, as previous students are aware.
ALL PERFORMANCES & EISTEDDFODS ARE COMPULSORY (Students may ONLY be exempt if attending weddings, funerals, or contageous illness such as chickenpox)
* Sporting teams should be notified of absence so reserves can be used.
* Religious services can be taken at other times.
* After hours extra-curricular school activities are not exempt.
Jdance Performance Team must come first – please refrain from overcommitting to other activities.
Emails are not and will not be accepted as the first means of communication for your child’s absence at performances and competitions. If your child is unavailable at any time, for any of the above accepted reasons please call Jenny on 0409 532 623 or talk to her personally at the studio.

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