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Land management is the subject of the month on FRAMEweb.  In particular, we are talking about land potential. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) International Resource Panel defines land potential as "the inherent potential of the land to sustainably generative ecosystem services" (Land Potential).

Learn more about land potential by exploring the Land Potential homepage as well as the project page for our featured program of the month, LandPKS. Some members of the LandPKS team will also be joining us as speakers for an ECOLinks webinar on October 21, 2014 from 12-1pm EST.

We've also shared some helpful resources on land management and land potential in conjunction with the webinar.

This month's issue includes information about our FRAMEweb photo contest and the 2014 Frontiers in Development Forum held on Sept 18-19. We also have highlighted resources recently posted on FRAMEweb.

Upcoming Events


October 31, 2014: 2015 World Bank Land and Poverty Conference
Deadline for online abstract submission

Do you have an event you want included in a FRAMEgram? Please send suggestions to Rachel Stallings.


Webinar on Innovative Knowledge Systems for Improved Land Management

The Land Potential Knowledge System (LandPKS) is a program that aims to increase access to global and local land potential knowledge. The program develops innovative mobile data collection and analysis methods and tools to support local land use planning and to optimize design and implementation of food security, land restoration, climate change adaptation and biodiversity conservation programs. USAID's Office of Land Tenure and Resource Management is working with USDA’s Agricultural Research Service to support LandPKS development and field testing. 

Jeffrey Herrick, LandPKS Global Lead, USDA Agricultural Research Service
Adam Beh, LandPKS Global Coordinator, USDA Agricultural Research Service
Lilian Ndungu, LandPKS GIS & Data Coordinator, Regional Center for Mapping of Resource for Development
Ioana Bouvier, LandPKS USAID Agreement Manager
Tuesday, October 21, 2014



FRAMEweb Photo Contest

The FRAMEweb photo contest is coming to a close! Please submit your photos with a short description to Rachel Stallings by October 22, 2014.

Please share your story so we can showcase your work to the larger NRM community! Winning photos and their stories will be featured on the FRAMEweb homepage.

Submit your photos according to the guidelines published on the blog.

See the 2012 photo contest winners by clicking on the photo below!


Frontiers in Development 2014

USAID hosted the 2014 Frontiers in Development forum in Washington, D.C. on September 18-19, 2014. Global thought leaders and practitioners in the field of development shared knowledge, assessed “what we don't know” and laid the groundwork for a broad coalition of partners to address the needs of the most poor. Frontiers in Development was not just a one-time meeting of these global thought leaders and practitioners. It was a time of reflection that should remain present. The collection of video archives, essays and online web pages serve as an invaluable resource.

Click here to see the list of speakers.
Click here to access the video archives.
Click here to read the publication.

Program Spotlight: Land-Potential Knowledge System

The Land-Potential Knowledge System (LandPKS) is a program that aims to increase access to global and local land potential knowledge.

The program is working on developing a cloud-based, land-potential knowledge system (LandPKS) that will allow the potential of land to be defined explicitly and dynamically for unique and constantly changing soil and climate conditions. The land potential assessments will be updated based on new evidence regarding the success or failure of new management systems on different soils. Our knowledge engine, together with mobile phone and cloud computing technologies, will also facilitate more rapid and complete integration and dissemination of local and scientific knowledge about sustainable land management.

 USAID is working with USDA’s Agriculture Research Service to support LandPKS development and field testing. 

Take a Look: Resources on Land Management & Land Potential

Expand your knowledge on land management and land potential with these helpful resources.You can find more resources on LandPKS's website.

Assessing Global Land Use: Balancing Consumption with Sustainable Supply

This report is produced by the Land and Soils Working Group of the International Resource Panel and published by the United Natios Environment Programme. It focuses on how to make the management of land-based biomass production and consumption more sustainable. The paper also examines the impacts of trends on global land use dynamics. The report is accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation.

Click here to access the document.

Click here to access the PowerPoint presentation.

The global Land-Potential Knowledge System (LandPKS): Supporting evidence-based, site-specific land use and management through cloud computing, mobile applications, and crowdsourcing

This paper describes how a new cloud-based Land-Potential Knowledge System will allow land potential to defined for changing soil and climate conditions and to be updated based on new evidence. The Land PKS "knowledge engine" will help facilitate better integration and dissemination of local and scientific knowledge about sustainable land management.

Click here to access the document

Land degradation and climate change: A sin of omission?

This piece is a guest editorial comparing the issues of land degradation to the issues of climate change.

Click here to access the document

New on FRAMEweb

What is new on FRAMEweb? Below we've highlighted some recent resources posted on FRAMEweb's communities of practice that you might find interesting.

From our Climate Change community:
From our Governance community in French:
Thank you to our members for the great resources and content contributed in September and October!

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