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1. Nature Manufactured

The National Marine Fisheries Service recently announced it wishes to extend Endangered Species Act protection for 23 stocks of salmon and steelhead raised artificially in hatcheries -- an all time low for an agency charged with recovering a wild animal. The intent of the Endangered Species Act is to prevent the endangerment or extinction of species due to the impact of humans on natural ecosystems. Hatcheries and the fish they produce negatively impact wild salmon ecosystems. The Endangered Species Act is about restoring our nation's remarkable natural legacy, not manufacturing it. 

+ Stay tuned. NFS will be hosting an action alert beginning in late November to oppose these protections for hatchery fish.
2. Friends in High Places

When a foreign mining company eyes the headwaters of your backyard river for strip mining it's good to have your friends by your side. It's even better when a few of them happen to be U.S. Congressmen. Last week, Peter DeFazio (OR-4) and Jared Huffman (CA-2) gathered with local supporters on the banks of California's Smith River to reiterate their strong support for protecting Southwest Oregon's salmon-studded rivers from the threat of three nickel strip mines. Our River Stewards and staff are so thankful to these Congressmen for their continued support and leadership to protect our special places and native fish -- it's sure nice when our homewaters have friends in high places!

+ Stay tuned this month for the final action alert of our Wild Rivers Campaign. Thanks to your support the Forest Service and BLM are now considering the maximum interim protections -- a 20-year mineral withdrawal -- for 101,000 acres of public lands while Congress works to pass permanent protections.  
3. Rainy Reminder

Just in case this October's terrific wave of wet weather wasn't enough -- here's a 40 inch reminder to Keep 'Em Wet
4. Protecting Coastal Summers 

Native Fish Society's Conrad Gowell and Trout Unlimited's Oregon based Bluebacks Chapter joined forces this past fall to document the presence of hatchery steelhead in the upper Siltez River's wild steelhead sanctuary water. As the only wild summer steelhead population originating in Oregon's Coast range, it's critical to protect these special fish from the genetic pollution that occurs when wild and hatchery fish spawn together. While the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife agrees, their plan to separate these stocks still needs some fine tuning -- last year's count found 20% of the steelhead in the sanctuary with clipped fins! This year was better with just 6%, but the goal needs to be a longterm average below 5% to protect these special fish
5. Faith in Nature

Native Fish Society Founder and Director of Science and Conservation, Bill Bakke, has put together a perfect pumpkin pie of an October Conservation Report. This month includes: Shifting baselines; Osoyoos sockeye rebound; Conservation or consumption; The New Era; Hatcheries and endangered salmon; and Faith in nature. 
6. Still Buffering

Want to help protect thousands of miles of Oregon streams? This coming month the Oregon Board of Forestry (the governing body that sets Oregon's logging rules for state and private lands) will host eight public meetings to get your take on their new riparian rules, which would increase the width of the forest along salmon bearing streams. A big public turnout for these protections could go a long way toward cleaning up their current shortcomings, such as their omission of all the private and state timber lands in the upper Rogue watershed!      

+ Find the meeting closest to you.

+ Not sure what to say? Here are a few suggestions for talking points from our friends at the Oregon Stream Protection Coalition
7. NorCal Recovery

This past month, the National Marine Fisheries Service released their final plan for recovering Northern California's threatened wild fall chinook and winter steelhead. This encyclopedic plan covers a startling amount, but we're particularly glad to see that NMFS decided to include the full 200 miles of potential steelhead habitat currently blocked by Scott Dam in the upper Eel River watershed. Based on the information we're collecting through our Eel River Headwaters Campaign, we've found a significant amount of rare, year-round cold water habitats above this aging dam -- habitats perfect for propelling the recovery of NorCal's wild salmon and steelhead.  

+ Want to learn more? Check out our comments on the draft NorCal Steelhead and Chinook Recovery Plan.  

+ Where the heck is this? Go on our virtual tour of the Upper Eel River above Scott Dam
8. Adiposessed & Winning

A big thank you to all of our new Adiposessed Monthly members! Your monthly contributions help NFS grow and strengthen the largest grassroots army for wild, native fish in the Northwest! Congratulations to Marshall Thompson for being our first Adiposessed raffle winner! He's headed to the river with a new CND spey rod and plenty of Adiposessed member mojo!
9. Free the Rivers

Here are three things you can do this month to make your inner John Muir proud:

+ Showing up is 80%.Thanks to Judge Simon, removal of the Snake River's four lower dams is back on the table. Tell the Feds it's time to FREE THE SNAKE by attending one of the 11 public hearings being hosted this November. 

+ Know your stuff. Headwaters Economics just published an excellent case study on the Fiscal, Economic, Social and Environmental benefits of bustin' concrete.  

+ Remember the Elwha. Salmon recovery keeps gaining momentum on a river reborn.  
10. @ the Tailout 

+ River Steward Doug DeRoy is part of a team helping cool water temperatures in 14 Oregon rivers that were found to be too hot according to a magistrate judge. The judge's recommendations mean state and federal agencies will need to redouble their efforts to provide cold water for native fish!

+ The Caddis Fly Shop's own Chris Daughters penned some fine words on behalf of the Frank Moore Wild Steelhead Sanctuary and Rep. Peter DeFazio who recently introduced the bill in Congress. 

+ Congrats to our friends in Portland! Old P-town has become the first Salmon Safe city!

+ Support NFS as we roll into the holiday season. Sign up today with Fred Meyer's Community Rewards and Amazon Smile! And FYI these services require you re-enroll periodically to keep the Rewards and Smiles going. So, if you've signed up double check just to make sure!

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