CUPP collective in Residency in March 2023

In March, Thami Mnyele Foundation welcomes new residents CUPP collectiveCollective Un Prati a Patu (CUPP) considers the functions of expertise and experience around ecological and local materials with artists in Suriname and the Netherlands.
For the second year in a row, CUPP residences at Thami Mnyele Foundation during the month of March. This time, Razia Barsatie and Marjet Zwaans focus on the creation of a publication and artist book. Herein, they digest the reflections, feelings, thoughts, responses, gestures, and textures of the 2022 material research process with Meagan Peneux, Annemarie Daniel, Basse Stittgen, Asli Hatipoglu and advisors Alida Neslo and Yasmine Ostendorf. Which experimental and traditional understandings can we relate? To which fibres does it belong? How does it grow? What gives it life?
CUPP hosted the group of artists in the Netherlands in March and in Suriname in November. The encounters, conversations and experiments during these two months form the backbone of the publications. What is the situation to build an artistic practice in both contexts? What confronts while working together from these two worlds? What aligns and what differs? What inspires? What does it mean for ourselves and what can we mean for each other?

CUPP is supported by stichting Niemeijer Fonds and  Stichting Stokroos.

For more info, press here
Website Instagram ; Razia Barsatie ; Marjet Zwaans
    Victor Ekpuk at TEFAF Art Fair in Maastricht

Lady with Gold Necklace, c.2021,
Acrylic, found fabric collage on BFK paper

Fellow Victor Ekpuk's works represented by Tafefa Gallery at TEFAF Art Fair in Maastricht.

Victor Ekpuk's paintings, drawings, and sculptures reimagine the ancient Nigerian communication system, Nsibidi, to explore a diverse spectrum of meaning addressing historical narratives, the contemporary African diaspora, and humanity’s connection to the sacred.

Art Fair is taking place from 11 to 19 March.

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     Richard Kofi: gatherings #3 future sounds and beyond: the non aligned at Oude Kerk

        Portrait of Richard Kofi
Fellow Richard Kofi curated an in-depth programme around Ibrahim Mahama's installation Garden of Scars at Oude Kerk in Amsterdam.

It takes you on an Afro-futuristic journey, based on new voices and movements from the African diaspora. A European form of Afroness is a concept in the making, which is increasingly manifesting itself in younger generations. What is bubbling about in new trends and developments?

At the invitation of artist and curator Richard Kofi, DJ Chinnamasta, choreographer and performer Christian Guerematchi and rapper Suzooki Swift explore the meaning and diversity of black European identity through music and performance. Central is the concept of 'the non aligned', borrowed from the international political movement, set up during the Cold War by countries that did not want to belong to the West or to the Soviet Union. What does non-aligned positioning mean in art? Can it contribute to artistic freedom? Does it inspire our (political) identity formation or activism? And what do we feel in our bodies when we think free from dominant historiography and political systems?

The programme will take place at 18 March, from 8 pm to 10 pm.

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   Odili Donald Odita: solo exhibition Windows at Stevenson gallery in Amsterdam    

  Instalation view, courtesy: Stevenson gallery

Odili Donald Odita, Black Star, 
2023, Acrylic on canvas, 127 x 127cm, courtesy of Stevenson gallery
We congratulate our fellow Odili Donald Odita with his solo exhibition Windows at Stevenson gallery in Amsterdam. It his first solo exhibition in Amsterdam!

The artist presents a series of new small-scale paintings that reflect the geometric abstraction that characterises his practice.

Works of fellows Moshekwa Langa and Neo Matloga are also shown in the exhibition.

The exhibition is open until 15 April.

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    Gabrielle Le Roux: in group exhibition Mind The Gap at Beautiful Distress 

Gabrielle Le Roux, Mustafa, 2023, installation view
Fellow Gabrielle Le Roux'es works at group exhibition Mind The Gap at Beautiful Distress art space in Amsterdam, which was opened by the Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema.

Mind the Gap is a group exhibition addressing the gap between the mental health of LGBTQIA+ people compared to that of the general population. Despite steps being made towards recognising this community as equal in society, statistics paint a sobering picture of the reality of living as LGBTQIA+. 

Gabrielle Le Roux (they/she) is a queer South African artist, filmmaker, and activist for social justice. Le Roux collaborates, often at the invitation of other activists, to create portraits drawn from life onto which each person writes directly. Le Roux’s work stems from the conviction that people educate and transform one another through sharing the knowledge acquired through lived experience. First-person narratives in text, voice or video accompany the portrait drawings.

Gabrielle Le Roux produced their works in collaboration with Mustafa and Mamakli, during their visits at Thami Mnyele Foundation Studio in Summer 2022. Other artists in the exhibition: Diana Blok, Annaleen Louwes, Dodi Espinosa, Jori(k) Amit Galama, curated by Maggie Kuzan.

You can visit the exhibition until 5 May.

   Neo Matloga: in Group Exhibition Brave New World at Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle

Dikarata, Collage, charcoal, liquid charcoal, ink, soft pastel & acrylic on canvas, 175cm x 250cm, 2021, @ Neo Matloga
Fellow Neo Matloga is one of 16 young painters whose works are part of a group exhibition Brave New World at Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle.

Painting is more vibrant and robust now than ever. Today’s painters combine traditional techniques with contemporary themes, narratives and motifs, demonstrating that in this day and age, painting can be the perfect Trojan horse: appealing and seductive, but often conveying a razor-sharp message. Brave New World will showcase the work of 16 painters under the age of 40 who are among the best in the world today. A show full of multiple perspectives, varied histories and new aesthetic frameworks, curated by author and art historian Hans den Hartog Jager.

The exhibition is open from 23 January to 11 June.
     On-Trade-Off exhibition Charging Myths at Framer Framed 

Jean Katambayi Mukendi, The Concentrator, 2022 Installation view
Fellows Jean Katambayi Mukendi and George Senga, as members of transnational artist collective On-Trade-Off, are participating in the group exhibition Charging Myths at Framer Framed.

The artist led research of On-Trade-Off was sparked by the large-scale mining of lithium in Manono, DRC. A site of historical extractivism, Manono has also become swept up in the race for green energy as lithium has become a valuable material for electrical technology. The members of On-Trade-Off created a collaborative platform for the exchange of trans-disciplinary knowledge in order to investigate how technological innovation has become dependent on natural resources, following chains of value across the globe.

The exhibition is a co-production of Framer Framed and Z33.

The exhibition is open until 4 June.

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    Jean Katambayi Mukendi: in group exhibition Congo-Style Heritage & Heresy at CIVA in Brussels.

Exhibition poster, @ ayoh kré Duchâtelet
Fellow Jean Kamabayi Mukendi will take part in the group exhibition Congo-Style. Heritage & Heresy at CIVA in Brussels.

The exhibition visually chronicles the representation of Congo in international expositions held between 1885 and 1958, using Art Nouveau as its anchor point. The movement—at the time also called “Style Congo”—coincided with Leopold II’s exploitation of the Congo and reflects a widespread fascination with “exotic” materials and forms. "Style Congo. Heritage & Heresy" explores the politics of cultural representation and appropriation through contemporary artistic and architectural interventions as well as historic documents and materials from CIVA's Collections. ⁠

Exhibition is open from 17 March to 3 September.
The opening is at 7 pm, 16 March.

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    Jean Katambayi Mukendi: in group exhibition at Waldburger Wouters gallery

  Instalation view, courtesy: Waldburger Wouters gallery
Fellow Jean Katambayi Mukendi participates in a group exhibition Moon Juice at Waldburger Wouters gallery in Brussels. 

Once you park on Kings Road in West Hollywood, it comes into focus: a 20-foot wall of green bamboo as high as any prison gate. The stalks sway in the breeze and as you approach your eyes take in a picturesque preview clip of the squat, concrete Schindler House sitting behind. You walk loudly up the crushed granite driveway toward a redwood door that swings into one of the most unconventional structures ever built—a house and gathering place for artists and radicals envisioned and built in 1921–22 by architect R.M. Schindler and activist Pauline Schindler "as if there had never been houses before."

Text: Anthony Carfello, curator and writer. 

Exhibition is open until 8 April.

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   Guy Woueté: in Group Exhibition Sensation at Emergent Gallery in Veurne

Capital & Masque I, Ongoing series of photo, Digital prints on White Baryta 305g/m2 Diasec Satine plexi , 66,7cm x 100cm , ed. 3 + 2AP, @ Guy Woueté 2018
Fellow Guy Woueté will be a part of a group exhibition Sensation at Emergent gallery in Veurne, brought together by Marcel Berlanger. 

What do you do as an artist when you are invited to a major solo exhibition, while many of your younger colleagues hardly get a job in these unprecedented times? For Marcel Berlanger, the answer was clear: he promptly decided to invite a number of artists he befriended and admired - most of whom were much younger than him - to exhibit together. No strict theme was imposed or well-known curator invited, the artists decided to sit together and discuss each other's work. “ Nobody looks at art like artists ,” John Baldessari rightly remarked.

Text: Sam Steverlynck

The exhibition is open from 18 February to 16 April

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    Georges Senga: exhibition at Villa Romama in Florence

  Poster, courtesy of Villa Romana
As a part of Black History Month programme in Florence, Italy, fellow Georges Senga opened his solo exhibition Comment un petit chasseur païen devient Prêtre Catholique at Villa Romana, curated by Lucrezia Cippitelli

With Comment un petit chasseur païen devient Prêtre Catholique artist Georges Senga presents the latest chapter of this ongoing series of work and accompanying book curated by Lucrezia Cippitelli, drawing from the family archive of Bonaventure Salumu. The reimagining of the archival traces, reconfguring them and re-narrating them as a gesture for overcoming the slippages and absences but also for mediating the distance between personal and collective forms of memory. 

The exhibition is open until 24 March.

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More about Black History Month in Florence
    Haroon Gunn-Salie : installation Amongst Men at the Islamic Art Biennale

Haroon Gunn-Salie, installation view of Amongst Men, 2014/23, at the Islamic Arts Biennale, 2023. Courtesy of Diriyah Biennale Foundation.
Fellow Haroon Gunn-Salie installation Amongst Men at the Islamic Art Biennale!

An outspoken critic of apartheid, Imam Haron was murdered while in police custody in Cape Town in September 1969. His funeral was attended by over 40,000 moumers, acting in defiance of the authorities.

Amongst Men conceptually re-creates this funeral with a thousand individually cast kufia caps (worn by Muslim men across Africa and South Asia, and often associated with mourning) to evoke the scene at the Gamedia Maqbara, the cemetery on the slopes of Table Mountain where Imam Haron is buried. The sculpted are accompanied by an audio biography of the imam, including recordings of his sermons and contributions from the ongoing inquest into his killing.

Amongst Men simultaneously commemorates Imam Haron and invites the onlooker to consider the intersecting histories of Islam and resistance to colonialism and apartheid.

You can visit Islamic art Biennale until 23 April.

    Victor Ekpuk: works at Art Dubai and artist talk at Moody Center in Houston

  Victor Ekpuk, Tête à Tête 2, 2022, Acrylic on canvas, 60 x 48 in (152.4 x 121.92 cm) @ Aicon gallery NYC
We congratulate our fellow Viktor Ekpuk, whose works were shown by Aicon Gallery at Art Dubai 2023! The fair took place from 1 March to 5 March.

Also, back in February, he had an artist talk at Moody Center for the Arts in Houston, Texas. In collaboration with the Center for African and African American Studies, he was invited to spend time at Rice University and engage with classes from the Museums and Cultural Heritage Course.

Read more about Art Dubai 
Read more about the artist talk
    Akirash: McKinney International Artist in Residence

Olaniyi Rasheed Akindiya aka Akirash Majele—Venomous, 2020, courtsey of Akirash
Fellow Olaniyi Rasheed Akindiya—known as Akirash was invited as the 2023 MicKinney International Art & Design Residency at the Eskenazi School of Art, Architecture +Design at Indiana University. The residency took place from 1st of February to 3rd of March.
   Guy Woueté: works in Foam Magazine 63: FOOD! The Nourishing Issue

Series Terre & Visages, @ Guy Woueté 2015-2020
Fellow Guy Woueté's series of photographs "Terre & Visages" is a part of the Foam Magazine 63: FOOD! The Nourishing Issue.

You are what you eat! Food fuels us, heals us, and connects us. However, the subject also raises questions around sustainability, labour, exploitation, and politics. In this issue of Foam Magazine we look at how food drives us apart, brings us together and moves us forward — all at the same time.⁠

Read more and get yourself a copy of magazine
    Andris Botha:  Permanent Work at Museum Volkenkunde featured on ASC Leiden

Openluchtarchief of Oranje Blanje, Bleu, 2000
The work by fellow Andris Botha is featured on ASC Leiden as a guide for traces of Africa in the city.

Outside the Museum Volkenkunde is a permanent exhibition by fellow Andries Botha: Openluchtarchief of Oranje Blanje, Bleu. In 2000, Botha collected objects in the Netherlands for an exhibition about the 'tribal' characteristics of the Dutch. The objects are displayed in steel display cases in the garden of the museum. In the accompanying texts, Botha comments on the alleged Dutch national character in his native language, Afrikaans - which largely descends from Dutch.

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    Atta Kwami: Maria Lassing Prize Mural Installed at Serpentine London

Atta Kwami, Dzidzɔ kple amenuveve (Joy and Grace), 2021-22. Installation View: Maria Lassnig Prize Mural, Serpentine North Garden, 6 September 2022 – 3 September 2023.
Courtesy of the Estate of Atta Kwami.
Photo: Hugo Glendinning.

Portrait of Atta Kwami
Credit: Modern Painters New Decorators

Our fellow Atta Kwami passed away in 2021 and our heart goes out to his widow Pamela Clarkson. We are grateful to see the mural work of Atta Kwami presented at the Serpentine North Garden London, as the winner of the Maria Lassing Prize. 

With a career spanning 40 years, Kwami’s practice brought together painting, architecture, sculpture, and education. Born in Accra, Ghana he trained and taught for 20 years at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana. Kwami lived primarily in Kumasi and later in Loughborough, UK, keeping a studio in both cities and drawing inspiration for his paintings from both global and local art histories and traditions. His compositions of geometric strips, stripes and grids particularly connect to Northern Ghanaian wall and house painting, street vendor kiosks, commercial sign painting, woven textiles, Ghanaian music, and jazz.

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    Samson Kambalu: Sculpture Revealed on the Fourth Plinth London

Samson Kambalu with Antelope, 2022.
Photograph: James O Jenkins

Samson Kambalu’s Antelope on the fourth plinth. 
Photograph: Future Publishing/Getty Images

We congratulate fellow Samson Kambalu for the reveal of his sculpture work Antelope on the prestigous Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square. Antelope by Samson Kambalu will occupy one of the highest profile public art spaces in world from September 2022 till 2024.

Antelope by Samson Kambalu restages a 1914 photograph of Baptist preacher and pan-Africanist John Chilembwe, and European missionary John Chorley as a sculpture. Chilembwe has his hat on, defying the colonial rule that forbade Africans from wearing hats in front of white people.

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    Lakin Ogunbanwo: Film Shown at Africa Fashion Exhibition at V&A Museum London

Seyon wears top by Orange Culture, blazer, skirt and trousers by Mmuso Maxwell, belt by Christie Brown, earrings by Quazi Designs, bracelet by Adele Dejak. Photography Lakin Ogunbanwo, creative direction Nataal, 2022. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

We congratulate fellow Lakin Ogunbanwo for his new short film and photographic story - Who Dey Shake, made in collaboration with the V&A and Nataal magazine, which is on show at the Africa Fashion Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum till 16 April 2023.

The idea for the project was sparked by curator Dr Christine Checinska’s interest in the culture of movement and how clothing and adornment relates to identity through the performance of style.

Lakin Ogunbanwo was in the Foundation residency in spring this year.

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