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Week 1 - Awesome start to our crowdfunding campaign.....

So even with some technical glitches in the first week which made it hard for some to pledge (what doesn't kill us makes us stronger?!) we are overwhelmed by the generosity of support so far our and downright excited by the momentum!   Here's Kirsten and Serenity going on at our campaign launch at Local Food Big Ideas Jam last Tues!  Thanks David Hood, Doing Something Good and City of Melbourne for a great event!

Epic Collaboration - Want to get involved?

Kirsten presented at an extremely useful (!) event hosted by the wonderful Collabforge last week on scaled collaboration.  Its hard....and so's crowdfunding!  An amazing unexpected outcome was the offer to help on this campaign by some wonderful people who seem to know what they're talking about. So, long and short of it, if you're in Melb and would like to hear more about how you can get involved, come along to impromptu OFN crowdfunding meetup on Tues Night 1 July at Hub Melbourne at 6pm or just email us at (or call 0411878063).

Brisbane and Sydney Whirlwind Tour!

Serenity took the #breakupwithyoursupermarkets campaign to Brisbane on Thursday night where we launched to a packed audience at the Food Connect Brisbane warehouse!  Twas an inspiring community film night put on by Kim Kruse from Regen Ag and not bad grub too.  Thanks Robert and Emma-Kate!

In Sydney we caught up with Alex and Jo form the Youth Food Movement.  Also Kirsten Bradley from Milkwood, the Bondi Food Collective, Lance Lieber, Michelle Margolis, Sarah Ladyman, David Holmgren and Nicole Foss at a fantastic event organised by Transition Bondi and Transition Sydney.
Awesome time with Amory Starr from the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance and Carriageway Farmer's Market - thanks Amory!
Check out our campaign and pledge here!

Are you a farmer?

If you're a farmer, pledging now offers opportunities to be highlighted and get up and running on OFN before anyone else! $50 for an online profile (farmers anywhere in the world), and $200 your own online store to sell your products in Australia.  We're also calling out for farmers to participate in Open Farm Day in October.  Email us directly if you have any Qs or want to know more

For food hubs, businesses ...

If you want to be one of our early food hub partners using OFN, this is your chance! We have two rewards aimed exclusively at existing or potential food hubs who want to get on early - limited in numbers to make sure you get the care and attention you need. Pledge now for the $1,000 or $2,500 packages, or contact us to discuss other options

Around the world...

This is not just about Australia.  The power of open source means that people are already picking up the Open Food Network and getting things rolling around the world. Fife Diet are ramping up for the first UK trial this week (, we're excited about our partners goMarket, Farmhack and Greenhorns getting the ball rolling in the USA, and early discussions underway with Green Ecosystems in India.  Pledge now wherever you are in the world so that the technology can keep getting better AND funds raised over $5,000 in any country will support local partners to launch and use OFN there :)

Check out Open Food Network Demo here

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