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June 2014 Issue

From Lack of Interest to Gripping Engagement

Seeing Our Way Into The Story.

What story is Paul painting here?

There is an incredible HUNGER for the Word in our churches and communities.  When the story can be seen, the impact is huge!  Personal stories are shared.  Hearts open up.  Something happens that is powerful!  Art, and its creative process, has a unique way of moving one from the head to the heart.  The experience is transformational.  

BELOW I share with you TWO ACTIVITIES which I shared with recent convention attenders in Wisconsin and Nebraska. Give one a try in your church, school, business, family... anywhere... and let me know what happens!  You may be blown away!


From Hearing to the Heart

The Blank 
Bulletin Cover

Now, here is a way to REALLY get your people to take a look at the church bulletin... over and over, and talk about it, and share it with others!  Leave the cover blank for a Sunday - SERIOUSLY (or include a blank insert) with the theme Bible verse printed on it.  Include the simple instructions:  

"Draw what you think of when you hear this Bible verse. (Insert verse of your choice!)   Post your drawing on the board (wall, narthex, etc.) as you leave church."  

Let all ages draw (especially during the sermon!).  Encourage them to draw symbols, and words, and stick people, and faces.  They will hear and see the Word while creating something that will go to the heart, be memorable, and be shared with others with excitement!  Just listen what happens the next week as people return and share their stories!  This is a pastor's dream!!

THE PICTURE ABOVE:  These are drawings from the Mark 8:36 - "And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your soul?"  The above picture was by an elementary student and the lower picture was by an adult.  What do their pictures say?

Try this activity and let me know how it goes!


Connecting with your child 

Draw a Psalm, Cherish A Memory!

How about this sketch!  Take a guess... what did she draw?  This is an amazing activity.  I do some form of devotion most nights before bed with my children.  One night, my daughter was getting bored with what we had been doing -- so we tried something else -- HER IDEA!  Why didn't I think of that!  

She said, "Dad, let's draw a Psalm.  It will be fun!  I will just open the Bible to any Psalm, read the verse, and we will draw it.  If the verse isn't a good one, we will just pick another one."

So we did.  Some nights we would divide a piece of paper in half with a line and each draw our own thoughts on the same sheet, sitting opposite of one another.  Sometimes we draw on separate sheets.  It doesn't matter how it's done, but rather than there is a connection between adult and child.  So we drew... and drew the next night, and the next, and the next... posting our drawings on her bedroom wall with the verse written on each.  Sometimes we look at our drawings and remember the fun we had with each, and try to remember what each verse was about!

ABOVE PICTURE:  My daughter's drawing of Psalm 57:11 - "Be exalted, O God, above the heavens.  Let your glory be over all the earth."

Give it a try and share your experiences with me, please!
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