Kenya, a 26 year old wife & mother. 6 months pregnant. Needs Hearing Aids, Please help.
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Kenya is a 26 year old young lady. She lives in Altamont Tennessee. She works for me and my husband in our nursery, Kenya's husband Philip serves our local county as a police officer. Kenya and Philip have 2 boys, ages 9 and 4. Kenya is 6 months expecting with her third child which is a girl. She is a blessing at our office and helps anyone do anything they need her to help with. She's is very meek and nice and is always willing to lend a hand. But she can not hear well at all. She only has 30% hearing in one ear and less than that in the other. I want to help her get hearing aids.

I noticed when Kenya first started working for us over a year ago she would say "excuse me" or "what did you say" a lot and watch people's mouths. It didn't take me long to understand she was almost as near deaf as anyone I'd seen in my 48 years.

Kenya and her husband bought a mobile home on a couple acres and she loves horses, dogs and is  a local volunteer in our county with Animal Lights, a not for profit organization to help dogs get homes and the clinical care they need. If anyone can not afford vet services, Kenya will get up at 3 am and come get a sick dog. She's a special person that has a problem.

As everyone knows law enforcement does not pay no where near what they should for the men and women standing in the middle of harm's way. Kenya works part time and they have a substantial amount of debit, some they are making small monthly payments on just to keep from having to be sued in court over. But they do what they can to survive and keep their mortgage and car payments made on time. It's hard for them to buy groceries at times with their income.

I am creating this blog because I want to ask everyone that can afford $1, $5, $10 or more to donate to get Kenya hearing aids. I went to Walmart and she now has a hunting hearing aid that is not helping, due to her deafness being so advanced. It's an inherited ear problem and she's had many surgeries. Hearing aids cost $6000 and there's no way Kenya can afford another bill. Would you please pledge with me to help Kenya?

It's tax deductible and when we raise enough money, I will put all receipts on this blog to prove this is no scheme, it's real. A real person, a good person needing some help.

May God Bless you for your efforts and all funds will remain in my paypal account until we have reached our $6000 goal to get Kenya an appointment with an audiologist so she can hear her baby cry, her phone ring and be able to communicate normal. She's tried to get help but the government offers none for someone so young not on disability.

My Address and Personal Info- Tammy Sons ( I am Kenya's Employer)
                                                    12845 State Route 108
                                                    Altamont Tn 37301

The paypal email for contributions is

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