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Crowdfunding for a 4 week summer program

Himaya has teamed up with Help For Leb to raise money for a four-week summer program that includes educational and recreational activities for the 30 children that are currently residing at its Resilience Center. We need your help and support by donating, spreading the word to your friends and family and sharing on all social media networks! To support us, please click the link below to be redirected to the Help For Leb project page.
                                                     Ok, I would like to help fund this project!

Himaya's kids at minus fun

Minus 1's minus fun program was a rich summer program of recreational and educational activites designed for children aged three to ten years old. In addition to the artistic, cultural and fitness workshops, the schedule included two awareness sessions, by Himaya, about the types and signs of abuse, internet safety and bullying.

Following the two weeks of "minus fun", the children of Himaya's Resilience Centre had the chance to participate in a bespoke 4 day program as part of minus 1's childrens' program thanks to the talented organisers Nisrine Faddoul and Lea Abi Nader. 

The activities included theatre by Manale Yacoub Kheir, mixed martial arts by the three time Lebanese Champion Eddy Fayad, DVD debate session by Nisrine Faddoul and Lea Abi Nader, fitness session "Iron Teens" by Trainstation, television role play by Albert Thoumy, Zumba by Zumba Fitness, design as well as an introduction to Graffiti by Yasmeen Farah and a photography class by George Zouein. Below is a glimpse to what it was like. For more pictures and information about this initiative and other great causes supported by minus one click here.
Did you know that the total trainings given to children in private schools in the 2013/2014 academic year reached
3,426 children?
The subjects revolved around effective communication, sexual education, hygiene, personal space and limits.

Chef Ghassan cooks for Himaya 

Chef Ghassan Koteit, a chef who occasionally cooks delicious Thai Food at Demo Bar in Gemeyze was kind enough to offer Himaya all the proceeds of his cooking on a Wednesday night in July. The mouth watering menu consisted of fresh shrimp spring rolls, Tom Yam soup, curry shrimps with basmati rice, and taro with mango and coconut milk. 

The Himaya team gathered at the bar along with friends to support the cause and raise awareness about child abuse to the other people who were in attendance. A few generous people got motivated and donated money and volunteered to provide services for Himaya. It was a great night of good food, music and networking. If you would like to attend one of our events, please keep an eye out on our social media platforms to stay informed.
August is a very busy month for Himaya's events and a great time for you to get involved!

We are organising several events which we will be posting details of on our social media platforms; facebook, instagram and twitter.

Do come along with your friends and family to the event that suits your interests most.
Find Himaya's booth in the NGO section of the MZA'ART Sous La Tente festival at Les Jardin Du Mzaar from the 13th till the 17th of August 2014. We are very excited to launch our new range of products at the event! Come along with your friends and family as there will be something for everyone! Click here for more information.

Visit our booth at the 7th Ehden Book Fair from the 8th till the 17th of August 2014. Pass by to know more about Himaya, its work and support us to continue fighting child abuse!

This event is in memory of Toufic Mouawad

Find out more about the event here.  
Did you know that himaya was able to reach the following number of individuals as part of the UNICEF project:
  • Children Sessions: 2,162 
  • Parent Sessions: 1,737
  • Financial Empowerment Sessions: 309
The themes covered: child rights, my body and limits, adults you can trust, types and signs of abuse, abuse prevention, adapting to new environments, and self esteem and confidence. 

The Story of Jamal

Jamal, a 10 year old boy was brought to our attention because of his violent behaviour directed towards his friends and family. In the first session with his psychologist Jamal instantly says: "I'm violent with others because others have been violent with me".

Such a statement, although true, is not the sort of attitude that would allow Jamal to change and was therefore revoked by the attending psychologist. Jamal would rather be left alone than have to interact with other people. Play therapy techniques had to be used for a while until Jamal started to feel more comfortable; dolls and miniature houses where used extensively. We knew that he had been very violently beaten since he was born, but the extent of the damage it left was hard to accept. Jamal had a hard time perceiving others as friendly, in his mind other people could only be aggressors. This became the only reality he knew and his mind got shaped that way.

In addition to that, the fact that he was kicked out of school at an early age and that his parents never seemed to mind did not help the situation. Though the abusers had since been distanced from him, the effects of the trauma remained. Special measures have been taken to see Jamal a few times a week to offer him the proper need and care. He is now comfortable with his attending psychologist and does not perceive the Himaya staff as aggressors anymore. We hope that Jamal will continue making progress this summer and finally be able to re-enrol in a school and make friends. 
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