It's our 1st birthday! Looking back on year one. 
Polished brass adds a reflective warmth. All photography and styling by Brooke Holm and Marsha Golemac.  


This week in our 1st birthday retrospective we revisit Park Street, South Yarra. 

Park Street is a beautiful Victorian terrace that was rescued by its current owners after years of poorly planned renovations and misuse of joinery and materials. With rezoned spaces for modern living, we embraced the building's heritage while using modern materials and design elements to create a harmonious home. 
Feature lights highlight the magnificent Victorian ceiling.


Situated near Melbourne's Royal Botanic Gardens, this grand terrace offered many hallmarks of the era including high ceilings and well proportioned rooms requiring little design intervention.

However in rectifying errors made in a previous renovation, spaces were rezoned to maximise its liveability and unique lighting fixtures were added throughout. This assisted in opening up the space, working in harmony with the ornate Victorian ceiling. 

A finishes board is worth a thousand words. The Park Street story comes together. 


While some believe this renovation is distinctly Scandinavian, we feel the combination of finishes is actually uniquely Australian. The use of blackbutt timber and black joinery adds a knowing touch of graphic punctuation against a neutral base of white stone, combined with a deep forest green 2pac paint finish for what is a subtly masculine look. 

Brass as a material featured in the original door and window hardware of the home, so we reinterpreted it in the kitchen, with the polished finish bringing a reflective warmth to what is an otherwise understated palette.


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