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Thirty years of homelessness chronicled by senior who finally found his way home

John’s descent into homelessness was a process, the result of many grave injustices. Violent and unstable alcoholic parents and endless childhood memories of physical and sexual abuse were only the beginning. [Read more]

Four friends team up to build homes for people with limited mobility

Bob Harris of Centron Group of Companies, Bill Kujat of Safeway Holdings, Charlie Guille of Cougar Construction and Ross Glen of RGO Office Products, as well as their families made an incredible contribution to Accessible Housing’s RESOLVE project. [Read more]

Affordable and supported
housing is vital

Calgary Foundation's 2015 Vital Signs report listed improving the affordability of rental housing as one of the top citizen priorities. In light of this priority, the Foundation announced a Visionary gift to RESOLVE.  [Read more]

Senior overcomes disabling stroke to find hope in a home

Life for Linda was pleasant — she lived in beautiful British Columbia with a huge garden, went camping often, played guitar and did administrative work in an office. And then, one day, in her mid-50s, she woke up in a hospital bed. [Read more]

Food creates community
and confidence 

Each Christmas when we sit around the table and share a meal with our family and friends, we experience the power food has to bring people together. Karen Vine, an avid home cook and mother of four, understands that all too well.
[Read more]

The holidays at RESOLVE – an update

With nine Partners, over 40 volunteers and many more stakeholders in the community who are committed to our cause, we have a lot going on! Here are some highlights from the last few months. [Read more]

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