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*13 May 2015*
Dear Plotholder,


In the second of our News Bulletins there are a couple of important matters we should like to bring to your attention:

Vehicle access from Pitshanger Park
Unfortunately there was a complaint recently to a local ward Councillor about one of our plotholders being inconsiderate when driving onto the site through the park. As a result the Council have asked us to remind you that vehicular access is only to be used for dropping off equipment and materials that cannot be brought onto the site manually.

The usual rules for driving on any site open to the public apply, of which the most important are:
  • The speed limit is 5mph
  • Hazard lights must be switched on
  • Right of way must always be given to pedestrians and considerations of public safety are paramount
The Council are going to put up some laminated signs on the carpark and allotment gates to reinforce this. If you bring your vehicle onto the site please respect these requirements, as the Council have warned that any further incidents of this kind may result in the right of vehicle access for plotholders being removed.

Food Waste from the site
Please remember to take all food waste and rubbish away from the site and home with you if you have a picnic or barbecue on your plot. There have been a number of occasions when plotholders have apparently left their rubbish beside our entrance gates or alongside litter bins. These bins are only meant for small items of litter, which may not be emptied immediately. Any rubbish left behind can be unsightly and a health hazard.
Please respect other park users by complying with these requests, so we can avoid any further problems. On a lighter note our site cat is now back, but please avoid feeding her at this time of year. She can fend for herself and we want her to catch mice and other vermin on the allotments.

  PACA Committee
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