Please pray for the following requests this week.  

We ask that you respect the confidentiality and privacy of those for whom you are praying. 
Meditate on His Word:

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 12 Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. 14 I will be found by you,” declares the Lord, “and will bring you back from captivity.”

Jeremiah 29:11-14a 
Pray For Our Staff
Pray For Our Elders & Their Ministries 
Pray For Our Deacons & Their Ministries
  • Audie Thomas has been released from ICU and moved to a regular room.  He is breathing on his own, eating and walking.   Please continue to hold him in prayer because he still has a long way to go.  
  • Praises that baby Caleb is home! And doing well.  And his mom and his dad both have maternity leave.  Continue to pray for the health of the entire family.
  • Sebastian’s friend, Cait, is cancer free!
  • Praises that Bill Hitchcock has been declared cancer free! Bill would like to thank everyone for the prayers.  
  • Praises that Suzanne Beaumont has completed her cancer treatments!   She had a follow up CAT scan to confirm that everything is gone and it is!  She is clear of cancer.  Please continue to pray for the dissolution of a blood clot in her pelvis.


  • Please send healing prayers to the VanDeBoe family.
  • Please pray for Sarah (Sally) Hitchcock, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.  We pray that she and Bill will find renewed strength to face this medical challenge.  
  • Please continue to pray for Nancy Graham.  Even though her nausea was relieved for a short time, it is back with a vengeance.  Also, please continue to pray for the pain in her back, which has not been alleviated.
  • Rose Sparrow’s daughter Felicia is having surgery on October 29th to remove a fibroid tumor.
  • Please pray for Lydia Abel who has had a fall and is in a lot of pain.
  • Please pray for Pastor Jonathan as he grieves the death of a dear friend.
  • Please pray for Stephanie, who had brain surgery on October 1st. 
  • Shirley Blidan, Chris Blidan’s mom, had a fall, but is recovering  well.  Please pray for her continued healing.   

  • Pray for Lori Ardis’ sister Pearl, who has been able to go home because the ileus was healed.  Continue to pray for her recovery.

  • Kathryn Belville had surgery to remove the polyp from her throat. Please pray for her complete healing. Also, pray for the continued healing of her foot.  She has begun PT.  That is a big praise.

  • Frank Sweeney has been placed on hospice at Sunrise Granite Run.   Please pray for Frank and his family.
  • CoVid is beginning to infiltrate some of our retirement communities.  Please pray for protection and healing for the residents of those communities and of nursing homes in our area. 
  • Please continue to pray for Rich Erickson as he is slowly recovering from the visual and cognitive effects of his stroke.  Pray that all decisions made regarding his care be wise ones. 

  • Kathryn Belville’s daughter, who had developed a blood clot in her leg following surgery to repair her patella tendon, is doing very well. Kathryn’s concern now is that she will overdo.

  • Kathryn also writes, “My son’s mother in law, Mary, is not faring as well.  Her visiting nurse readmitted her to the hospital.  Trying to find a better rehab than the last place where she was neglected.  Her daughter, Mary, is extremely attentive and probably the only reason she is alive.  I think she has lost the will to live. My son, Andy, is a wonderful support!  Glory be to God!”  Keep praying.

  • Debbie Johnson has run into some difficulties with her port and had to have it unclogged.  Please continue to pray for her healing and resilience. She says she is feeling a little better.  She felt blessed to receive the flowers recently after an MPC service.

  • Please continue to pray for Nick Urffer.  He is beginning to feel better and is improving in many ways.   May God's hands continue to  touch him so he can find peace and rest and newfound happiness within himself and in his relationships with others.  

  • Praises that John Bosma has been home from rehab for quite a few  weeks. He has faced other health challenges, but God has continued to give him the victory and grace in the midst of his struggle.   Please continue to pray for his total  healing and for God to strengthen Chris as she cares for him.

  • Pray for Lalonnie Walker.  Praises that the doctors have found a treatment that is relieving her most painful symptoms!  Her walking has improved significantly.  Please continue to hold Lalonnie and her family in your prayers as she continues to heal.

  • Please continue to pray for Linda Page.  Linda is now with her mom.  Linda is still recovering, but is very weak and is in a lot of pain.  She tends to overdo and then have a setback.  We pray for her strength of  spirit and continued healing as she navigates this long recovery. 

  • Please pray for the continued recovery of Eileen McLaughlin’s brother from his stroke
Those Battling Cancer:
  • Please pray for Bill Abel, the husband of Eric and Scott MacDonald’s mother, who has just been diagnosed with acute leukemia and for his family as they support him through the difficult months ahead.
  • Sandy Cooley, stepmother of Andria Kaskey was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is about to begin receiving treatment.  Our prayers are with her as she begins this difficult journey. 
  • Our love remains with Connie Hughes and we pray for her continued healing and resilience during this difficult year.   She has had some incidents with her heart.  Please pray for her heart to be regulated.   We thank  God her infusions are scheduled to be completed by the end of this year.

  • We gratefully  pray for Ann Taylor’s continued healing and for good news from her oncology check-up.

  • Please continue to pray for Dave Barr’s healing as he battles cancer and all of the health challenges that are associated with it.

  • Please pray for Lauren, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  She underwent a double mastectomy on June 7th.  We pray for the strength of her and her family and for God’s perfect healing.

  • Ken Lynch has continued to respond well to his chemo though he also has a few other health challenges.   He has felt strong enough to take on some part time work.

  • Please pray for Isabel, daughter-in-law of Ed and Lori Ardis.  Isabel has Stage 4 breast cancer.   She has now passed from chemo to radiation, which is not taking as much of a toll on her.

Those coping with ongoing medical challenges: 

  • Please pray for Theresa Belville, who has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.  The medications are working.

  • Dick Reese, Nancy Graham's brother, broke his arm trying to keep his wife from falling. Please pray for his recovery and for his wife as she relies on him to care for her.

  • Continue to pray for the health of Susan Craig, Robin Smith’s mom, especially for the stabilization of her heart rhythms.  Thank you, Lord, that she is doing much better.

Pray for families grieving a loss: 

  • The McLaughlin family on the death of Brian’s Uncle Jack.
  • The Ashenfelter family on the death of Barbara.
  • The Lewis family on the death of Dottie.
  • Bonnie Mainwaring and her family on the death of her husband, Rick

  • Guy and Lucy Messick and family on the death of Guy’s mother, Eunice

  • Jessica Johnson’s colleague and her family as they grieve the passing of her son

  • Jackie Baker and family as they grieve the passing of her mother, Phyllis Lee

  • The family of Chad Sanford as they grieve the passing of his cousin

  • Doris Main and family as they grieve the passing of Marshall

  • Michele Dangerfield and her sons on the passing of Michele’s grandfather, Benjamin

  • Michi Chen on the passing of her brother.

  • Karen and Kevin Hirt on the death of Karen’s mom.

  • The Craig and Smith families on the passing of Jack.

  • The Bell Family as they mourn the passing of Neil

  • Chris Bosma and her family as they grieve the passing of Chris's sister

  • Amy Hannigan and Abigail as they grieve the passing of Jim

  • Ben Curtis as he grieves the passing of Mary Lou

  • Betsy Podrebarac and family as they grieve the passing of Frank

  • Nancy Graham and family as the grieve the passing of Ed

  • The McThenia family as they grieve the passing of Dottie

  • The Granger family as they grieve the passing of Charlie

  • The Schultz family as they grieve the passing of AliceP

  • Pray For Members Our Church Family Who Are Expecting:

  • Carly and Andrew Doran

Please Continue To Pray For:

Susan Fischer (MS, especially her vision); Sylvia (cousin of Steve Cavicchia); Christopher Rowe (brain surgery); Robert Paige; Esther Jackson; Carol Martin; Frank, brother-in-law of Chris Bosma; Ken Groff; The Flagiello Family (housing); Elnor Crago; Bob Nester; Virginia Boyd; Julie, Lisa B; Patt Timothy;  Nicki Bechtloss;  Ann Rocap; Donna Rubincam; Bill & Lydia, the parents of Eric & Scott MacDonald; Anita Johnson; Pat Sharpe; Philip George; Mary Cramer & family

Please Pray for COVID -19 Concerns:

  • Please pray for Emma Rivero and her family, whose community is suffering new devastation from COVID-19.  

  • Please pray for our Missionaries in India, who are facing a critical wave of COVID in the country.

  • Please continue to pray for Paul and Lori Dickason as they continue to recover from COVID and make future ministry decisions.

  • Pray for Prethea Thilak’s mom, (one of the MOYC members),  who lives in India,  for protection from COVID!

  • The safe adoption of the CDC’s updated guidance for vaccinated individuals. 

  • The defeat of the virus worldwide !!!!

  • The timely and safe distribution of the COVID Vaccine

  • Pray for those who are not vaccinated against COVID either by choice or because vaccines are not available

  • Health Care and Front Line Workers and Their Families for health, safety and support as they navigate demanding schedules:

    • Natasha, daughter of Rev. Rose Sparrow

    • Jake Jellison (has arrived back home and is safe and sound!)

    • Joe Haviland (grandson of Bobbie Haviland) and Julie Haviland: Joe is an EMT and Julie is a Physician Assistant.

    • Joyce Kantangar 

    • Mary and Derek Donegan

    • Rima Bishar

    • Sarah Koch

    • Michelle Dangerfield

    • Kim Callahan

    • Don Naismith

    • Lia Erickson (daughter-in-law of Rich and Renee Erickson)

    • Carly and Andrew Doran

  • Those in authority making critical decisions:

    • Local 

    • County  -- Delaware County in particular

    • State

    • National

    • Worldwide - pray for those from our own country who may be called to serve overseas as nurses and doctors

  • Those with limited means to combat the virus (elderly, the poor and homeless, those already weakened)

  • Those suffering economically and those working to help them (Media Food Bank, City-Team, LifeCenter of Eastern DelCo)

  • The Lord's mercy and kindness and patience and love to flow through us to this hurting world

  • Those who are lonely and depressed

  • Those who have lost loved ones

  • Those who right now are sick and battling to survive

  • That the Lord be glorified somehow and many to come to know Him personally or in a deeper way

Pray For Our Nation & World:

  • All those around the world that have been affected by the recent uprising of the COVID-19, especially our first responders and medical staff.

  • The families of the victims of the senseless shootings that plague our country and the world

  • World Peace

  • Our leaders and their advisors

  • Our allies & our enemies

  • The men & women serving our country around the world and their families: SSgt Tucker Harrell, Patrick Tanner,  Ron Camarota, Chris Lazar.

Pray For Friends of Our Church Family:
  • Please pray for Bob, friend of Marcia and Steve Reed.  He has been challenged with cancer for seven years.  He is starting the CAR-T program next week.  He’ll be in ICU for 30 days. Pray for his healing and strength.  He loves the Lord and appreciates your prayers.
  • Please pray for Mary, friend of Ann and Jack Schoen.  Mary is 90+ years old and has breast cancer.   She underwent surgery this week and needs our love and support.  She and her younger sister Helen have lived together their entire lives.  Please pray for healing for Mary, and strength and comfort for both Mary and Helen.
  • Dustin Kleffner has submitted a prayer request online.  He asks for those around him to support him and not give up on him or anyone else.   He also has a big heart for the world and requests that we pray for worldwide needs.
  • Please pray for Lorraine Herbert, extended family of Christi Moffatt, who is beginning cancer treatment. 

  • Please pray for Janet Crossley, dear friend of Rose Sparrow.   The doctors have determined that she has rheumatoid arthritis and has  started infusions.  She had her second infusion 9/15  and is feeling better.  She is hopeful.

  • Please pray for Carrie McCall who lost her 6 year old daughter, her mother and step-father in a tragic car accident.  Pray for her comfort and peace.

  • Please pray for Pirfa Wilfred Kumbin in Nigeria who is a farmer eagerly awaiting rain in his location. 

  • Protection from harm for a family we do not know.

  • Kathy Brennen, a friend of Wendy Casner, has been removed from experimental treatment because of serious side effects.  She is beginning to be able to eat certain foods, like ice cream.  She and her husband Bob are doing their best to live life positively.

  • Pastor Dawne Sarchet, sister of Renee Erickson,  needs daily strengthening for innumerable pastoral and physical challenges.

  • Stacy, neighbor of Albert and Betsy McKeone: Please continue to pray for Stacy as she navigates health concerns, especially her need for oxygen. 

  • Rev. Tony Campolo continues to make a slow but steady recovery from a recent stroke.  Please pray for complete healing.

  • Heather, friend of Jim Gatch, whose cancer has recurred.

Continue To Pray For:

Tobin Beckley (back); Glenn D.; Ruth S.; Donna Rogers: Mary B.; Brian, co-worker of Betty Blair; Heather F.; Patricia Nichol; Joshua T.; Spencer Mayers; Becca Noll; Dan, friend of Jim Gatch; Kim G; Mary Layne; David Cassey; Russ G; May Knobel; Marcia Brown McCullough; Milton ‘Chip’ Routt; Connie Kopko; Gail, friend of Betsy McKeone; Christopher Deschler; Frank DiMento; Helen Beldecos; The Vranich Family


Pray For Those Who Have Suffered A Loss:

Church Family:  

The Colameco family (Joe);The Patzig family and Grace Nichol (Bill); the Schultz family (Alice), The Family of Shirley Allen; Amy and Abigail Hannigan and family (Jim); Kate Meehan (sister-in-law);  The Curtis family (MaryLou); The friends of Elmer Cass; the McThenia family; The Granger Family (Charlie),  The Graham/Paire Family (Ed); The Garrett Family; The Bonner Family; The Kalemkarian and Bunn Families (John Sidner); The Kantangar Family (Joyce’s mother); The Orr and Lawson Families; The Crosby Family (Doug’s father); The Andes Family; The Belville Family (Dale’s brothers) ; Robert Paige, The Jaeger Family (Ed); The Campbell Family (Bill); The Irwin Family (Marilyn);  The Mendendorp & Henderson Families; The Overall Family; The Simmington & Caparro Families; The Kasper Family; The Welsh Family; The Argo Family (Wes); The Saybolt Family (Bruce); The Naismith Family (including Dana & Tom Jackson and Tracy Riker Manella) (Louise); The Ackerman Family; The Storm Family (Nancy); Blessington & Kalemkarian Families; The Richard & Harriz Families

Friends of Church Family:  the family of Kate Lewyckyj;Yoshio Muro (wife);The Bingeman Family: The Halowach Family; The Kpawolokpala Family; Alicia, friend of Karen Sanford; The McConemy Family (Ray); The Anderson Family; The Downs Family; The Black Family; The Organ Family; The Vranich Family; Galloway Family; The family of Kathy Reed; The Allen and Biermann Families; Rudderow Family; Elko Family

Pray For These Needs:
  • Prayers for those living in countries where people are starving trying to survive under oppressive rule.
  • Prayers for family members and friends left behind to grieve the loss of a loved one after suicide.
  • Family and friends who are dealing with immigration challenges.
  • Couples who struggle with fertility problems.
  • Those who are facing transitions in their life, such as change in employment or having to move out of the area.
  • Those giving care to loved ones.
  • Those who are losing their eyesight due to glaucoma and macular degeneration.
  • Struggling marriages & those going through divorce and litigation.
  • Families whose children are struggling with substance abuse & incarceration.
  • Those who are trying to stop smoking, drinking, gambling and other addictive behaviors.
  • Those who are unemployed or facing financial difficulties.
  • Those who have unchurched family members
Pray for Our Local Mission Initiatives: 
  • Second Time Around Parents and their grandchildren
  • Joseph's People members as they look for meaningful work
  • CityTeam Ministries -praises that two mother and children safe houses have been opened 
  • Chester Eastside Ministry - pray for enrollment for their summer program
  • Frederick Douglass Christian School - pray for a 7th grade teacher and for an assistant to the principal, Janice Bowdre.
  • Young Life and Young Lives - pray for new leadership
  • TUMI (The Urban Ministry Institute) - pray that in-person classes can begin as soon as possible
  • TAG (The Alumni Group) of CityTeam
  • The Greenhouse Project  (Chester)   John Clifford
Pray for Our International Missions & Missionaries: 
  • Pray that the Mission Committee will find the safest and most reliable way to send our mission support to our partners worldwide, especially in India.
  • Cheerful Givers School (Monrovia, Liberia)
  • Paul & Lori Dickason (Hungary) - pray for their health
  • Gabriel & Susana Massey (India) 
  • Arun & Shobha Massey (India) - pray for the marriages of the girls from their school, success and happiness
  • Pastor George & Lisya (India) - pray for Pastor George’s and for the health and safety of the 20 boys
  • Jean-Luc & Shabrae Krieg (Mexico) - pray for the reorganization and expansion of Urban Mosaic
  • David Powell & Lifetime Wells International (Ghana)
  • Berekum Children's Hospital (Ghana) - pray for Douglas Awusi as he establishes a board for the hospital
  • Kembong Sanctuary (Cameroon)
  • Beth McMillen & Compassion Corps (Mali, Morocco, Senegal, Liberia, Tunisia, Egypt, & Uganda) -  pray for the articles needed for the container to be shipped to Liberia
  • Clifford Liu (China)
  • David & Sara Treece (Kazakhstan) - Pray long term visas for the children and the opening of Kazakhstan
Pray for MPC: 
  • Preaching
  • Music Ministry
  • Spiritual preparation of the congregation
  • Sunday school teachers
  • Specific needs of the Church
  • That God leads us to loving and faithful individuals to staff our Sunday morning childcare
  • Stephen Ministry leaders and for the growth of Stephen Ministry within our church
"And so from the day we heard of it, we have not ceased to pray for you, asking that you may be filled with the knowledge of his will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, to lead a life worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God. May you be strengthened with all power, according to his glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy, giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified us to share in the inheritance of the saints in light."
Colossians 1:9-12
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