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September/October calendar
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Sept. 20: Climate March for Justice (google "climate strike" + your area)
Sept. 22: Panel Discussion: Growing Divisions over Israel and Palestine in the Jewish Community
Sept. 26: Poetry Plus: Our monthly salon meets the last Thursday of every month
Sept. 30: Rosh Hashone with the Sholem Community
Oct. 8: Kol Nidre with the Sholem Community
Oct. 9: Yom Kippur at the Workmen's Circle Community Center
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• Avek in der Eybikayt (Obituaries)
• From the Los Angeles Public Library - an oral history with a nod to the Workmen's Circle!
WHAT: Panel Discussion: Growing Divisions over Israel and Palestine in the Jewish American Community.

Uri Talil      Eric Gordon  Pesach Chananiah

WHEN: Sunday, September 22 at 2:00 PM

WHERE: Workmen's Circle, 1525 S. Robertson (a few blocks south of Pico; parking behind building and on street).

ENTRY: Suggested donation: $10. No one turned away. Refreshments served.

ORGANIZERS: LA Jews for Peace.

SPONSORS: Friends of Sabeel; Workmen’s Circle/Arbeter Ring; IfNotNow; Palestine Advocacy Project; JVP-LA; People for Palestinian-Israeli Justice; more

Poetry Plus meets Thursday, September 26, 7-9 pm,
1525  S. Robertson Blvd.

Host Uncle Ruthie Buell has prepared a program with a beat. Be ready to march to your  different drummer as you explore the rhythm of poetry.


Rosheshone takes place on Monday, September 30, 11:00 AM at Rancho Park in Cheviot Hills, Los Angeles, including potluck lunch and, of course, apples and honey. The Sholem Community and the Workmen's Circle co-sponsor this event which is free of charge.

Kolnidre, Tuesday, Oct. 8, 7:00 PM at the Moss Theater, 3131 Olympic Blvd., Santa Monica. Admission is $60 for members of AR/WC and co-sponsor Sholem Community; $80 for non-members; $55 for senior and student members; $70 for non-members. Buy your Kol Nidre tickets here

Yonkiper will be held at SoCal AR/WC headquarters, 1525 So. Robertson Blvd., L.A. on Wednesday, Oct. 9, at 2:00 PM. Readings of appropriate poetry are featured, as is a yisker/Yizkor ceremony for those departed during the past year. While there is no admission, contributions are encouraged.

Avek in der eybikayt
(written by Eric Gordon, SoCal Director Emeritus)

Recent losses recall some of our Arbeter Ring history in Southern California. The first two died on the same day, Sunday, July 21, 2019. I’d like to briefly memorialize them:

Paul Krassner (1932-2019) was the irreverent publisher and writer of “The Realist,” a kind of “Mad Magazine” for the politically hip stoned generation. I do not remember the exact dates, but I believe twice in the late 1990s, and possibly into the 2000s, Paul held forth for an afternoon of uncensored left-wing political zaniness. His appearances for us marked a new spirit and era for the Arbeter Ring of fresh, counter-cultural satire that attracted a younger audience to our building.
     Because of events like these our New Directions Branch 1092 flourished in those years, eventually merging with and taking leadership over from the generation of Vanguard Branch 1016. The combined branch is now called New Vanguard Branch 1016.

Jerry Binder (1942-2019) likewise was never a dues-paying member of Arbeter Ring, but he approached me around 2008 with the proposal to start a Men’s Group here, inspired by the more familiar women’s groups that existed for a much longer time. I was receptive to the idea, partly for personal reasons, as my older sister Nina had such a women’s group that she referenced often as a highly important facet of her adult socializing.
     Jerry’s idea was similarly, not to sit around talking sports, movies and politics, but real issues of relationships, sex and sexuality, work, aging, fears and other serious stuff that men don’t often have the space to process. The group started in early 2009, and Jerry stayed with it until he moved to Laguna Woods a few years ago and it was too long a drive to undertake any more. The group, with some of the founding members and several newer ones, is still functioning 10 years on.

Our third Arbeter Ring loss was our member Evelyn Hoffman, who died 10 days later, on July 31 at the age of 97. Born in 1921, Evelyn grew up in an Arbeter Ring household and neighborhood in Chicago. Among her most vivid memories of those years were the constant fundraisers their City of Hope group held to support this famous TB, cancer and other medical research center out here in Duarte, California.
     In 1958 she and her husband moved to L.A. where for years they
ran Modern Draperies, a custom window treatment business. She also had many contacts in the general interior design world. We owe to Evelyn the selection of the floor tiling in our Arbeter Ring building, made possible by a grant about 15 years or so ago by the Yablon Foundation, and the choice of professional installers. Evelyn was a regular donor toward our local Arbeter Ring programs; it gave her great solace to know that the Arbeter Ring of her childhood still
flourished in L.A.

Finally, Eric’s sister Nina Segrè (1940-2019) unexpectedly died on August 12 while on vacation in Alaska with her family. For her sake, fortunately, the end came instantaneously, but it was a shock to all her family and wide circle of friends. Nina spent winters in San Francisco and each year visited L.A., sometimes coinciding with programs here. She also was a donor to Arbeter Ring.

In eybikn ondenk!

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