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Issue 16: 5 Ways to Cultivate Mental Balance


Do you wake up every morning and check your phone right away?

Social media is designed to keep us coming back for more. Remember to take a break from social media (and a break from your phone) at least one day a week. 

Try keeping your phone in another room, and using an old school alarm clock to help you wake up in the mornings. 



Try to begin each morning by thinking of three things you are grateful to have in your life today. Or start a gratitude journal and list 10 things you are grateful for every evening.

Research shows practicing gratitude daily actually leaves us feeling happier and healthier mentally.



True and valuable friendships are the key to life. You may have heard the research that we are most like the 5 people we spend the most time with. Look around and see if your friends support the habits and patterns you want to cultivate to live a healthier life. And if not, make an effort to find and connect to new friends who live their life with qualities you admire.

It may feel hard to let go of old friends, but surrounding yourself with people who fill you up rather than leave you feeling depleted is a powerful life lesson. 


Sticking to a daily meditation practice can feel like the most challenging thing in the world. 

Begin with meditating for just 5 or 10 minutes a day and work your way up to more. Cultivating this habit can help you show up more fully and with more presence in every aspect of your life. Check out the guided meditation below to get started. 


Knowing where you are in your moon cycle can help you become aware of your emotions and energy levels throughout the month. Our mental health and menstrual cycle are heavily linked due to the hormones being secreted in the body to help keep everything on track. 

The Mother Yin Herbal Moon Cycle Teas, aim to help you cultivate this sense of weekly hormonal awareness and alleviate negative symptoms and enhance your overall monthly mood. 


In this world on the new and innovative, it becomes easy to get caught up in the trendiest meditation techniques.

But at its core, meditation is about connecting with your breath, the earth, and yourself.

Join me for this ten minute grounding meditation practice to help you find relaxation and balance. 

Guided Meditation Here

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Featured Female Healer: Adreanna Limbach

Meet Adreanna Limbach, a personal mentor and friend from NYC, and a source of Mother Yin inspiration based in Hudson Valley. Adreanna is a loving, quirky, sweet soul who heals as a meditation teacher, author, and coach grounded in traditional practices. She's even put together THE DAILY, a daily meditation platform including meditations from her network of the most wonderful, heartwarming, meditation teachers who are all grounded in tradition. 

If you need a listening ear and someone to help you re-navigate your life by putting together an action plan of mindfulness based homework, Adreanna and her big heart are the perfect choice for you. 

How do you find balance in your body, mind, and life?
Meditation, nature, moving my body, listening to my cravings, giving myself the grace of doing the bare minimum when I can, saying NO. Quality skincare. Lots of veggies and cuddling with my pup.

What does a typical session with you look like?
60 minutes where you talk, process, and take up a lot of space. I listen-- through a very specific lens-- and ask you a bunch of questions. Sometimes I reflect what I'm hearing you say, with your permission. I'll also ask if I can share the Buddhist perspective on your situation, if I think it might be useful. I always give you tangible homework at the end of our session -- integrating your insights into your daily life is paramount to what we do together, and that happens through action.

What issues do women most often face when coming to you and seeking your care?
I often see women at a crossroads, who are experiencing a crisis of clarity or a crisis of confidence. And once we work to shore up their clarity (which is simple enough to do), it's often revealed that it was a crisis of confidence all along. Self-doubt is a motherforker. This is (in part) why I wrote Tea and Cake with Demons, a book on self-worth and all of the forces that tend to obscure it.

Did your grandmother have a secret healing remedy she shared with you?
Both of my Grandmas - Sharon Limbach and Joyce Santilli - have always relied on prayer as a remedy for health and healing. When my Grandma Sharon was younger, she was steeped in Christian mysticism (think: laying hands on the sick to heal them, speaking in tongues, writing direct transmissions from spirit guides). Prayer works. I've seen it work. It's a way of playing with the porousness of reality and bending it a bit. ​

What is one thing you wish all women knew about balancing their bodies? 
A balanced body is a feeling, a knowing, a way of inhabiting oneself -- not a physical aesthetic. Some women might be surprised that their bodies happiest "set-point" doesn't include tight abs and a thigh-gap.

What inspired you to work with women?
I love us. I love women. And also, I was tired of getting hit on or mansplained by male clients. Sorry, but true. It's an exhausting thing to have to field. Just last week I had a man respond to my newsletter saying that even though I was "very kind with a sweet voice", I wasn't deep enough for him to take my work seriously. He then proceeded to explain Buddhism to me-- even though I've been a practitioner for 22 years. I have never had to navigate that kind of exchange with women.

Working with women from all over the world, what are some things you have noticed?
Over the past decade, I've been hosting group coaching programs for an international organization that has mostly female clients. These women come from 36 countries, with diverse cultural backgrounds, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religions, belief systems, ages -- they're across the board. And something that almost *always* comes up, is the narrative of "not-enoughness". The sense that they are not quite _____ enough. I'm not saying that self-doubt is gender-specific, obviously, but there is a particular way that it presents for women that feels somewhat universal.

What is one piece of advice you would give to your daughter?
You are enough and still evolving. You are whole and still developing. You are deeply significant-- and not at all special in that fact.

Thank you Adreanna!
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