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January 2015
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The new year is a good time to evaluate the gaming industry landscape and identify the emerging macro and micro trends we see becoming more impactful in 2015. Looking solely at the headlines in 2014, one would think it was a gloomy year. A handful of Atlantic City casinos closed, iGaming didn’t have the breakout year many thought it would, poker rooms dwindled and table game revenue fell sharply at many casinos throughout the United States. However, I’ll go ahead and tout 2014 as successful in that it provided newfound opportunities and innovation. Here are some of the key trends to watch as we jump into 2015.

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Aaron Draplin Takes on a Logo Design Contest (
Logo designer and Field Notes creator Aaron Draplin takes on the challenge of designing a logo for All Base, a 100-year-old cement company. 

A Man Walks Into Starbucks (
What if the way advertisers track and deliver messages on the Internet were the same as in real life? Here, have a cookie.

Mohegans Review Pot as Economic Opportunity (
In recent years the Mohegans have diversified beyond gaming. They've invested in fast food franchises and purchased a wood pellet company. They're also looking at marijuana, which would give them a first mover advantage in the Northeast.

Seven Digital Deadly Sins (
Beautiful layouts and transition animations coupled with fascinating articles, videos, and polls — this project by The Guardian is among the best in interactive storytelling that we've seen. 

It's the Real Thing (
In March of 1970, Coca-Cola Brand Manager Ira C. Herbert and Grove Press' Richard Seaver exchanged letters concerning the tagline for a book called The Diary of a Harlem Schoolteacher


Like most companies, at the end of each year, Red Square sends out a holiday card. In previous years we have sent agency-branded wrapping paper. One year we sent a Richard C. Sullivan commemorative plate, a dinner plate with a picture of Richard, Red Square's founder. It was done in the classic As-Seen-On-TV-style "Act Now! Limited Quantity! While Supplies Last!” This year the agency wanted to do something different — something interactive, and something music related. 

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