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May 2015
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Back in my more rowdy days, when I was risking precious beer money at my favorite Mississippi casinos, I didn’t really give much thought as to why I went to a particular property. At first, it was just about the experience of going, but after I had stepped in enough Biloxi establishments and the initial mystique and allure wore off, I started gravitating to only a couple of properties.

Then it dawned on me. I wasn’t playing at these casinos because of the atmosphere, the perceived level of “payback” or because of an outstanding loyalty program — I was playing at these places because it felt like I should be there. All the external marketing spoke to me. Whether it was the billboards along I-10 or the mailers I received, I was drawn to the brands with the strongest creative aesthetics.

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Building A Better Rewards And Loyalty Program (
Loyalty Programs: Everybody's got one. Everybody's in one. So how do you make yours stand out from everybody else's? Pete Maulik, managing partner at Fahrenheit 212, offers his analysis of brand loyalty and what it means in the context of a corporate rewards program.

Steve Cyr spills secrets, payouts, big-time wins and losses of 'whales' in Las Vegas (
Author and Las Vegas local Steve Cyr gives an in-depth look into his storied career as a former casino marketing exec, tales of "whale hunting" along the Strip and the changes casino gaming has experienced in the last thirty years.

Disney's ESPN Ventures into Fantasy Sports Betting Business via DraftKings (
Fantasy sports betting is turning out to be a fairly serious business. As Disney's ESPN purchases DraftKings, current top dog FanDuel initiates legal action to stymie the entertainment giant's entry into the market. Meanwhile, people wonder what exactly the family-friendly Disney Corporation is doing getting into sports betting.

Airplane!: An Oral History (
Thirty five years after its premiere, members of the cast and creative team behind Airplane! sit down and talk it out about how one of the silliest cinematic experiments flew off the ground and into our hearts.
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The hype train and expectations for the greatest sports day in recent memory reached full steam last week, chugging along to an underwhelming finish early Sunday morning. The previous day would feature the most famous horse racing event on the planet and the most anticipated boxing match of the last century, driving the sports world into a frenzy that culminated in record-setting wagers and event attendance. And while the Kentucky Derby and the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight may have lacked the fireworks most sports fans hoped for, Vegas and marketers worldwide rejoiced at the results. 

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