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April 2016
Impossible to Lose When You Read This News


You might think it's fun to muse over the excessive amount of ad dollars being spent by the current presidential primary candidates. Indeed, after adding Political Action Committee (PAC) money to candidate money, the figures are baffling: over $80 million by Jeb Bush, over $61 million by Marco Rubio, over $41 million by Hilary Clinton (source: Ad Age, March 2016). And it's all fun and games until, as a marketer, you realize the ramifications these political dollars have on your own advertising campaigns. (If you haven't experienced a little bit of pain yet, consider yourself lucky.)

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Why Getting It Wrong Is the Future of Design (
You're never going to get anywhere if you keep designing everything by the book. 

What Could Virtual Reality Mean for Gaming? (
It's just on the horizon, so what should you expect from the next dimension of diversion?

Domino's Is Launching A Self-Driving Pizza Delivery Robot. No Really 
It's like a cross between a Mars rover and a hot bag, and I'm not sure how I should tip it.

The Coen Brothers: What You Need To Know (
A quick guide to one of modern cinema's more idiosyncratic creative partnerships. 

Batman vs. Superman in the Battle of the Best Superhero Movie Posters
Take a journey through time and pop culture while the Poster Boys pore through over 70 years of Batman and Superman at the box office. 

The Weird Stories Behind the Official State Fossils (
They're more than just bones found somewhere inside your state borders.


It was T.S. Eliot who once said, “April is the cruelest month.” While his statement had more to do with the breakdown of European society after WWI than making ads in 2016, it’s an apt description of something my colleagues and I have encountered over the past few months. Casino promotions are seasonal things: Their look, feel and fundamentals are very much determined by the time of year during which they take place. As creatives, it’s our job to deliver inventive, original ideas to our clients.

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