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December 2014
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Whenever I feel anxious or uncertain about the uniqueness of my creative output, I can always find solace in these simple, wise words from that Bard of Avon: “There is nothing new under the sun.” The sentiment is by no means exclusive to Shakespeare. More recently, you may recall a certain sinister bayou mystic hissing, “Time is a flat circle.” As Detective Matthew McConaughey so eloquently deduced, Ledoux was plagiarizing Nietzsche, but I think the Barenaked Ladies put it best with “It’s all been done.” 

In this business, originality has always been an agency or individual’s most important capital. In this new world of new media and mediums—so inundated with content and connectivity—it’s become an absolute necessity for creatives hoping to reach consumers through the cultural clutter. But in the world of gaming advertising, the quest for originality has transformed into an epic struggle for distinction in a market with little real organic differentiation. 

There’s only so many ways one can frame a car giveaway or a blackjack tournament. How do you make yours stand out? You tell a story.

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Facebook Will Curtail Unpaid Ads by Brands (
Social media marketing just got a lot less social. As elaborated on in our article this month, Facebook is pulling the plug on non-paid page posts.

The SEO Dominance of Zillow (
One way to reach an audience is through paid search ads, which can get expensive quickly. The alternative is through SEO, which Zillow has used to achieve top spots in almost all housing, mortgage and apartment searches.

Atari Jackpot Casino (
After going through bankruptcy we knew Atari had their eyes on social casino games. Jackpot Casino is their first stab at the market.

Good Game: The Rise of The Professional Cyber Athlete (
The rise of professional StarCraft has been compared to the rise of televised poker. Thousands of people fill arenas to watch games be played with countless others watching online.

How to Estimate When People Will Arrive at a Party (
There will undoubtedly be parties for the holiday season. Nate Silver and his team at FiveThirtyEight quantify when guests arrive at their own parties. The key question? Who and when are people fashionably late.


As a gaming-focused ad agency, it’s safe to say that we know casinos better than most. They’re practically all we think about. Casino gaming? Check. Casino patrons? Like family. Casino promos? Second nature. Casino bathrooms? Sure, why not. If it’s got anything to do with cards, dice, slots or comps, we’re intimately familiar with it. That’s why we’re giving you the gift of our expertise this Holiday Season with this list of ideal gifts for the casino executive in your life. 

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