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December 2015
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Each November, I have the opportunity to meet up with fellow media directors from across the country for a roundtable of sorts.  It’s a great chance to constructively evaluate our media departments and to learn new ad technology, measurement and channels from vendors who are brave enough to present to us. (We’re not an easy crowd.)   

I like our group.  We’re mainly comprised of Gen Xers who have solid foundations in both traditional and digital media.  For the most part, our conversations are like a trip down advertising memory lane: light-hearted, self-deprecating and educational.

It doesn’t take long, however, for the meetings to inevitably turn into a digital conundrum. From who’s going to be responsible for what job functions, how to find talent, how much to spend on which software, to weighing the many options of ludicrous new job titles; honestly, these meetings could last for weeks.  

A tremendous amount of notes were taken. Find a culled version of the key takeaways here


I’ve always been enamored with animation/film and its incredible ability to captivate, entertain and inspire people all over the world. Even when I was a little kid I always thought one day I’d figure out how all the cool stuff on TV was made, then make my own cool stuff. My obsession at a young age with Disney’s “Robin Hood”, Don Bluth’s “Secret of NIMH” and Hayao Miyazaki’s “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” laid the groundwork for what would develop into my career as an animator and editor. 

Enter the Adobe Video World Conference. Targeted toward both the Premiere Pro and After Effects communities, AVW is not your standard industry conference. The first half of the week is dedicated to Premiere Pro and the latter half to After Effects. The significance of this is that you have like-minded creative professionals gathered from many different industries under one roof.

Peep the rest of Trevor's experience at After Effects World 2015 over at


Portland graphic designer helps the Cherokee Nation update its language for the digital age (
Mark Jamra created Phoreus Cherokee, the first commercially available and most complete typeface for the Cherokee language.

Wind Creek Montgomery's Grand Opening Event Approaches
On December 19th, WCM will be hosting its first Grand Opening Event. Check out the website we designed. 

The Daily Life of Darth Vader by Pawel Kadysz (
Polish designer's quirky ongoing project, updated with one new photo every day.

The complete, unabridged legal agreement, as drawn by R. Sikoryak. We chuckled.


Designer Sarah Grube played an essential part in bringing the flavor to the new Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Montgomery, with custom-designed, mini B.B. King guitars. These soulful invitations will be delivered to the baddest players this side of Alabama for the upcoming Grand Opening events.

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