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August 2016
Impossible to Lose When You Read This News


#TeamMystic. Poke Stops. Pidgey. Rattata. If these terms sound like gibberish to you then you're probably unaware of the world-consuming phenomenon that is Pokémon GO, the new augmented reality mobile game app. 

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(Which, FYI, is advertising that employs pro-female talent, messages and imagery to empower women and girls.)
I’m not going to lie, I was a bit disappointed when I realized that this hashtag trend is focused on the greater image of today’s women, rather than the work created, collaborated and executed by our great women today. 
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Siri: Once a Flake, Now Key to Apple's Future
They're tweaking the software, adding new features and including the digital assistant in more products than before. Is Apple the only one who's dreaming of Siri?

How Casinos Are Cashing-In on Web Redesign
Following the National Indian Gaming Commission's lead, properties are beginning to look to the digital realm to create, a smarter, sexier, mobile-friendlier casino experience. 

Pokémon GO: Designing Augmented Reality Games for Mobile
Despite the game's insane success, there's a lot more to making a great AR than catching cute monsters. 

Inspiration from the Junk Shop: Q&A with Aaron Draplin
Esteemed founder of Draplin Design Co. digs deep into his cluttered philosophy.

Why Ferris Bueller Never Existed
Aside from being a character in a movie, Hughes' iconic hero might be more fictitious than you think.

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