CSE IT Quarterly Newsletter - Spring 2014
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Welcome to the Spring issue of CSE IT News! We aim to bring you news, service reminders and updates on all things IT here @ CSE. Look forward to our next installment at the start of Fall quarter.  CSE Undergrads get their own news: Ugrad Edition.

Calendaring at CSE

Save the date! What? How? We're expanding the collection of calendars used in CSE so you can easily discover and subscribe to feeds of happenings around the department.  We anticipate that the scope of the calendars we offer will expand and evolve, but you can start by visiting a new page on Calendars. This Spring, we are piloting various feeds to help you stay in sync with specific events that may be of interest.

Phishing - Avoiding Davy Jones' Locker

No, not fishing, but phishing. Clicking on suspect links can pull you in hook, line and sinker and get you in a load of carp. Phishers try to hook you by using sneaky lines like "confirm your account information" or "you have exceeded your email quota", and upon clicking you're redirected to their evil lair. Links can look very similar to legitimate sites so use caution. For more information please our Phishing Inphormation page.

Meet the SLAs!

SLAs, or Student Lab Assistants, are CSE's next-gen IT protégés. Working out of CSE207 or "The desk", they will often answer your IT-related questions, quickly address issues around the building, move your equipment, mend your equipment, loan you equipment and MORE!  Drop by and say "hey", or visit the SLA Directory to find out more about these Fantastic Four.

End of the road for Windows XP

10/25/01 A day forever known as the release date of one of the most beloved OS's to ever come from Microsoft: Windows XP. But, even the greats must pass on, and the time has come for XP to be ctrl-alt-deleted into the OS netherworld. CSE Lab will no longer allow XP on the domain as of April 8th, 2014. Please see our XP Twilight page to follow the countdown clock and for details on how one can cope with this incredibly sad terminus.

You're Graduating!! Now what?

When you leave CSE it doesn't have to mean that all your hard work and data just gets flushed... But do nothing and it might!  We realize you've built a name for yourself and we want to help you preserve some of that goodness while you move onto your next station in life. To find out what happens to various content once you graduate, and how to prepare accordingly check out our After Graduation page.

   Spring Quarter 2014                                                            Fac/Staff/Grad Edition  
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