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Shorelines August 2015
Annual Book Sale! The Annual library book sale is this Saturday (August 15th) from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. There are thousands of titles to chose from. The "bag sale" (buy a bag for $3 and fill it with books) begins at 3 p.m. There are many exciting things going on in Frankfort this coming weekend. Visit the Frankfort Elberta Chamber of Commerce page for a full list of events.

   We recently wrapped up another successful Summer Reading Program. Congratulations to Miss Stella who won $50 Amazon gift card from the SRP Grand Prize raffle.

We would like to say thank you to our many Summer Reading Program sponsors; Kilwins of Frankfort, the Cool Spot, A&W, Corner Toy Store, the Tackle Box, the Garden Theater, Collier Construction, Chestnut Hills Golf Course, and the Inn at Watervale.

Circle Time for babies and toddlers will continue on Mondays at 10 a.m. Visit our website or follow us on facebook for up to date information on fall programs.


Books, Books, Books...

     August is certainly not the end of summer, but there are some indications that summertime is winding down.  A few trees have started changing color, the Farmer’s Markets are full of bountiful harvests, and the high school sports teams are practicing.  There is perhaps a bit of sadness that comes with the advent of shorter days and cooler nights which this quote I recently saw about Paris seems to describe. "There should be a name for the syndrome that occurs when you're in Paris and you already miss it." (Balwin) We yearn for something that we are still experiencing!     Eve Merriam has a great children’s poem that perfectly describes the end of vacation.

Leavetaking by Eve Merriam

Vacation is over;
It's time to depart.
I must leave behind
(Although it breaks my heart)

Tadpoles in the pond,
A can of eels,
A leaky rowboat,
Abandoned car wheels;

For I'm packing only
A month of sunsets
And two apple trees.

     There is a great solution to the wistfulness endings bring…. books! The library has books on drying flowers, food preservation, scrapbooking and other projects that will prolong the sense of being on holiday and keep memories fresh. The photos and pictures in books such as HISTORIC COTTAGES OF GLEN LAKE and VINTAGE VIEWS ALONG SCENIC M-22 INCLUDING SLEEPING BEAR DUNES are good for daydreaming. Perhaps one of the best books to read to indulge nostalgia is Bruce Catton’s WAITING FOR THE MORNING TRAIN. Read about a time before cars and a about place you love.
    If you are organizing your children for school or packing up to leave, you might feel too busy to read, but some of these “summer” titles could tempt you to relax with a good book! If the thought of a beach house sparks your interest, you might like to read a book called BEACH HOUSE. If so, you have three choices from our library alone. There is one by James Patterson (a thriller); one by Mary Alice Monroe (southern fiction); and one by Jane Green (women’s fiction). COLONY by Anne Rivers Siddons is set in a resort colony in Maine, but there are some similarities with our area. A major element of this story, which could be true of any resort community, describes the relationships and interactions between summer people and locals. BEACH TOWN by Mary Kay Andrews is a bit of a romance based on the conflict of an outsider who wants to turn a pristine, old fashioned beach community into a commercial venture and the mayor who wants to preserve a way of life. Like COLONY, the interactions between local folks and visitors provides the tension in this story.
     Thrillers can also evoke a sense of place and time. “From a dune near the shore….” the beginning words of SUMMER PEOPLE by Aaron Stander certainly bring Lake Michigan to mind. In this mystery, murders are happening and Sheriff Ray Elkins needs to figure out who is doing the killings. Alex, the main character in Steve Hamilton’s NORTH OF NOWHERE, describes June in the UP, “By the end of June I was spending more evenings in my cabin, reading the paper, and as many books as I could get my hands on. I had never read so many books in my life.” I think that is one of the things people most love about the long days of July; there is more time to read!  Hamilton writes with such appreciation of Michigan and the season: “God help me, on a summer night when the sun is going down, it is the most beautiful place on earth.”
     Richard Peck’s books for young adults and elementary age children are so worth reading, no matter what your age. One of my favorite books is Peck’s hilarious story, A LONG WAY FROM CHICAGO about two children who, during the depression, are sent from Chicago to live with their eccentric grandmother in rural Indiana for the summer. THE TEACHER’S FUNERAL takes place just before the start of school and is set in 1904. It begins with the death of the only teacher of a one-room schoolhouse. Two brothers are convinced that the teacher’s death would mean there would be no school! Instead, the worst thing imaginable happened: their sister is hired to be the teacher! An adult book that also revolves around a one-room schoolhouse is Ivan Doig’s WHISTLING SEASON, which begins in the summer of 1909. Oliver, a widower with three sons, hires a stranger (who, by the way, can’t even cook) to be his housekeeper. When the school teacher elopes, the housekeeper’s brother is coerced into taking over the teaching job. He is quite a character and brings a totally unique form of education to the town. This book is beautifully written and a great story.
Happy Reading,

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