Launch of the Dianemo Athena User Interface.
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Dianemo SmartHome Gets Even Better!

To celebrate the official launch of our new user interface we thought we would take this opportunity to remind you of all the great features in Dianemo, now available to be accessed easier than ever before. We call our new interface ‘Athena’ and it’s now available for download on the Apple App store and will be available on the Google Play store in late July. (The Athena interface is accessible from any Android Browser today).
In conjunction with our low power & energy efficient Nerve Centre’s (consuming as little as 4w), Dianemo is the most cost effective and flexible Smart Home solution for installing in any size of home to manage your Internet of Things. With Dianemo you can control;

HVAC/Building Management Systems
Honeywell Hawk
Tridium JACE
Mitsubishi HAVC
Black Pear
(above all by using BACnet protocol)
Clipsal C-BUS
Heating Control
Danfoss Z-Wave
Horstmann Z-Wave
LightwaveRF Heating
Alarm Systems
Texacom Premier Elite
AV Equipment
Denon AV amps (all models with RS232 or IP)
Onkyo AV amps (all models with RS232 or IP)
Arcam AV amps (all models with RS232 or IP)
Sony UPnP/DLNA Internet TV’s (models with media renderer)
Samsung Internet TV’s (models with media renderer)
Panasonic Internet TV’s (models with media renderer)
LG Internet TV’s (models with media renderer)
Sony Internet enabled DVD/Blu-Ray players (models with media renderer)
Samsung Internet enabled DVD/Blu-Ray players (models with media renderer)
Western Digital Media Players
Apple TV (IR control only)
BluStream (all models)
CYP (all models)
Triax HMX HD Matrix (4x8 & 8x8)
Wyrestorm HDMI/HDBT Matrix (all models with external control interface)
HD Connectivity HDMI/HDBT Matrix (all models with external control interface)
Additional drivers can be quickly written to support any device with an IP or serial interface and an open protocol.
Every Dianemo Nerve Centre comes with an array of built-in features ready to ease the management and control of just about everything in todays home or apartment.
Lighting, Heating and HVAC Control
All Dianemo Nerve Centres have the ability to control all open control systems including
Z-Wave based systems, Lutron, Rako and BMS and HVAC control using the BACnet protocol via devices like the Honeywell Hawk.
Once a device (light, room stat etc) is configured in the system it can be programmed into set scenarios which will appear in the Dianemo interface.
IP Telephony Server
All Dianemo Nerve Centres have an integrated Asterisk Voice over IP (VoIP) PBX. This allows full integration of SIP telephone trunks and internal IP telephone extensions. Using this facility Dianemo, can provide the interface to stand alone video door and gate entry systems or be integrated with building wide video entry systems like the iModo from Urmet.

Audio Server
All Dianemo Nerve Centres come with a built-in line level stereo output which, once connected to a suitable amplifier or active speakers, provides streaming radio or music an audio zones. External add-on audio output devices can provide additional zones. All Dianemo Nerve Centres come with a built-in audio server which can store music files and stream them to any zone capable of playing music. The music library is iTunes compatible and will update automatically whenever files or playlists are added, deleted, or changed in any way in iTunes. You can also store Internet Radio stations and stream these to any audio zone. Dianemo’s audio server can even integrate Sonos players and control them from within our own interface.
Video Server
All Dianemo Nerve Centres have an in-built video server capable of streaming ripped DVD’s, downloaded music videos (non copy protected) or home movies to any Internet enabled TV, or Media Player with a suitable media renderer. Using the Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) of the device Dianemo can incorporate these devices seamlessly into the installation and provide full control via the Dianemo interface.
External Source Control
Dianemo Nerve Centres have IP, RS232, RS485 and if necessary Infra-Red interfaces and our own driver software to control a range of set-top boxes (such as Sky+HD & Apple TV) amplifiers, DVD and Blu-Ray players. When selecting one of these devices to control from the Sources menu in the Dianemo interface users are presented with an on-screen replica of the remote control for the device being controlled allowing them to do just about anything they would have done with the physical remote control from the manufacturer.
Home Floor Plan
We believe a great feature of Dianemo is the Floor Plan views. The Floor Plan is a graphical representation of what is going on in the home. When in the Floor Plan it is possible to see not only see what is going on but also have control of devices in that screen. For example, in the Media Floor Plan screen it is possible to view what media is playing in any zone (audio and video), turn the volume up or down in any room, synchronise music across multiple zones or even move music or video from one room to another.

IP Security Camera Server
Mid range Dianemo Nerve Centres have an IP security camera server capable of supporting up to 4 IP video cameras. If there is a requirement for a larger number of cameras we can be integrate the video streams from cameras connected to a suitable NVR and present these for viewing in our interface, allowing you access to another external device from the same interface.
Alarm Control
Dianemo can provide an interface to the Texecom Premier Elite range of alarms. The Securty Alarm interface allows homeowners easy access to the features of their alarm panel via the Dianemo system which makes them easily accessible from the Dianemo interface.
Control of other alarm panels is also possible where they have an open control protocol and a suitable interface (IP, RS232, RS485 or BACNet).
If you have a project that you’re considering adding Smart Home Automation into contact us to see how cost effective and flexible Dianemo could be for you!

Planned Enhancements
Enhancements planned for Q3/Q4 2015 include:
  • Energy monitoring/management tools
  • Learning home occupancy technology for automated Smart Home Management

So keep in touch with these developments and more by following us on Twitter or Facebook.
Trade enquiries welcome, call us on 01245 330101 for details.

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