Issue 4 • February 2019
Happy International Polar Bear Day!
A day organized by Polar Bears International  to raise awareness about the impact of global warming and reduced sea ice on our polar bear populations.
Four Fun Facts about our Furry Friends
  1. Polar bears have black skin and pigment-free transparent fur
  2. They spend most of their time at sea; they are considered marine mammals
  3. They like to be clean and dry because matted, dirty, and wet fur is a poor insulator
  4. They can reach speeds of up to 40 km/h (25 mph) on land and 10 km/h (6 mph) in water

“Sssshhhh, turn around quietly and look out the window.” Those were the words said in hushed tones by our tour host as we were happily sitting in the lounge car of the Tundra Buggy Lodge™, having a wee drink before dinner. We turned and looked in awe, as right outside the windows, casually strolling by in the tell-tale pigeon-toed gait, was a big, beautiful polar bear. 

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This isn't Oksana, but this is her favourite polar bear. Contact her if you'd like to meet him.
Interesting Travel Facts
Great Canadian Adventurers

Thank you so much for helping me to book this for my Grandfather and I!

This trip was the most amazing thing I could have ever experience with my Pepere! He has been talking about seeing Polar Bears for as long as I can remember and to be gifted this trip on his 85th Birthday was so special, the look on his face is one I will never forget. This tour was the best thing I have ever been able to do with him, and one that I will cherish forever. Thank you.

Kylie clark
winnipeg, mb
churchill polar bear daytripper
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