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Fishy Fact
In England, fish & chips were still wrapped in old newspapers until the 1980s when it was ruled unsafe for food to come into contact with newspaper ink.

What's the Catch?
a seafood event on Portlands working waterfront

One of the best things we can do to help the fisheries in the Gulf of Maine and the fishing communities of Maine is to diversify what we catch. This winter the Maine Coast Fishermen's Association is working with Luke's Lobster in Portland to reintroduce some lesser-known culinary delights of the North Atlantic to the coast of Maine.  JOIN US!

In January we featured the ugly yet delicious Monkfish! Fishermen showed off their fish handling skills, Maine's newest groundfish vessel was docked on the pier, and Chef Zac Leeman delighted guests with a variety of monkfish dishes.
Missed the boat on this one? Don't worry!
We have THREE events left in the series! 
Get your tickets now before they sell out.

February 12th features Acadian Redfish
March 11th highlights local flounders
April 8th brings us home with white hake
Thank you to Chris Cary for the beautiful photography at these events!

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No. You're not JUST a fisherman.
Recently, Stonington state Representative (and lobsterman) Genevieve McDonald put up a post on Facebook expressing a current frustration. Often, when fishermen stand up to speak, regardless of the topic, they start with; “I’m just a fisherman…”

And the absurdity of the statement finally struck me. I’ve never met a fisherman who is “just” anything...

Read more from executive director Ben Martens on our BLOG

MCFA Highlights

MCFA receives grant to increase mental health awareness & promote well-being for fishermen.

"'Like the sometimes smooth, sometimes turbulent nature of the sea, commercial fishing is a trade with many peaks and valleys, successful and difficult years alike', Harpswell fisherman Tom Santaguida said in an interview alongside Alex Todd of Chebeague Island."

From the Forcaster
Bissell Brothers launch beer to support MCFA
The “You Earned It Series” from Bissell Brothers Brewing Co. showcases nonprofit organizations doing great work in Maine's communities. We are honored and delighted that the Maine Coast Fishermen's Association has been chosen to be their next nonprofit partner! 

Name: Bearded Seal
Style: Belgian Dubbel
Alcohol By Volume: 7.5%
Notes: It's a traditional Belgian ale peppered with estery flavors, bringing out subtle fruit notes and malt balance.

Thanks to brewers Nico and JC who came to Hook, Line, & Dinner this summer and brewed this tasty beer after learning about MCFA! 

Hit the taproom for a beer and to support MCFA!
Council meeting in Portsmouth to vote on accountability in the groundfish fishery.

The New England Fishery Management Council will be debating the future of the groundfish fishery (species like cod, haddock, and flounders) on January 29th in Portsmouth, NH. 
MCFA has been at the forefront of advocating for better data and accountability in this fishery and has been actively involved in working with fishermen to identify both the problems and solutions that the Council is discussing. 

Join us at the meeting! Details on the NEFMC website.

Thank you! 

To our newest business partner Wicked Joe Coffee! 

Great Maine coffee with its roots in Harpswell. Thank you for supporting Maine fishermen and helping all of us wake up a little quicker in the morning. 
Keep Maine fishing, support MCFA!
As always you can use Amazon Smile to donate to MCFA when shopping throughout the year.
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