Dear <<First Name>>,

This Advent season, I am filled with anticipation.  I look forward not only to celebrating Jesus’ birth, but also to the coming year and how our Lord will continue to work through your prayers and support.
You have already helped accomplish so much.  With your faithful partnership, more than 75 leaders graduated from our two-year Journey retreat series in the US, Nigeria and the Dominican Republic in 2014.  Also, another 160 others participated in the Journey and 200 graduate students took courses taught by TLI staff.  Across the globe, Christian leaders are learning how to follow Jesus’ rhythm of life and lead from the overflow and affecting thousands of lives for the Kingdom.  
Words simply cannot express the depth of my gratitude for you.  As you pray, lives are transformed.  Mark, a Journey graduate living in Texas, recently shared:
“When I think of the condition of my soul before my first Journey retreat, I was like that man that Peter and John met in the temple who was on the mat. I was a person who had lost joy in ministry . . . God used the staff of The Leadership Institute in the most profound way in my life over a two-year period of time. They looked at me and they told me to walk. They took me by the hand and they helped me off of that mat. They walked me back into the place that I was supposed to be, to be the person I was supposed to be, to do the things that I was created to do in the fullness and joy that I should have had as one who was just simply a child deeply loved by his Father in heaven. Nothing that I have been a part of has ever had such a significant impact in my life the way this has.”
Thank you for all you have done to make possible this kind of impact. With your prayerful support, Christian leaders such as Mark are not only walking, but also helping others live in the fullness and joy of a child deeply loved by our Father in heaven. 
There are many weary leaders, however, still longing to be restored, some who need a hand just to get off the mat.  Would you consider reaching out to these men and women?  Your year-end gift would do so much to help them listen to God and live and lead from the overflow of abiding deeply with Him. 
With doors opening to reach many in 2015 both here and around the world, a gift of any amount would make such a difference.  Click on the button below to give a year-end cash gift (or click here to donate stock).


Dr. L. Paul Jensen
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