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The city where I was born - Araraquara - is located in the heart of the huge deep reddish soil area in South America known as Terra Roxa. In Portuguese the word roxa means means purple, but the Italian immigrants that arrived there at the beginning of 20th century called it rossa, red, and the Brazilians mistook it for roxa. Let's the fusion of purple and red illustrate this blend of cultures and misunderstandings from which I come.
The reddish-purple soil is considered the best type to grow coffee. Before the European immigrants came to work on the plantations, the slaves were already there doing that work since a couple centuries. The African descendants enslaved started to be squeezed toward the suburbs when the European arrived. In my area they never really got to integrate these two communities with their traditions, desires, life styles, social expectations. Sorrow lays on this massively beautiful soil.
Bringing my dance to Araraquara next month will mean a lot to me and to my family. I will teach and perform at Casa Janira, a beautiful space conceived for art, psychology, wellness, actually directed by my sister Iara in the house where our grandmother left most of her life. I'm inviting tribal dancers from all around to join us on September 1st to spend a "dancing day" together. The young and talented photographer Beatriz Rosales (who took all my photos on this newsletter) will come to eternalize our journey. Check out the Facebook event.
A rag doll called Amiga is been present in some of my performances since last January in Salvador (full video). Amiga has nothing to do with the racist character present on Brazilian Northeast folklore called Nega Maluca. She is my inner spirit, my alter ego, my lost childhood and my expectations of a fairer nation. 
Santa Morena, frammenti della mia performance al Tribal Soul Napoli 2019🔸Grazie Elvira Maione e Laura Arcudi per l’invito sempre assai gradito🔸Grazie Napoli con le sue ispirazioni, allieve e colleghe formidabili🔸Amiga, la bambola di pezza, è una mia creazione🔸Musiche Samwaad - Rua do encontro🔸Video editing Ana Lucia Camargo @AtelierFazendoCena🔸
Vuoi praticare durante le vacanze? Vuoi studiare con me a distanza? Vuoi rimanere a casa, al fresco? Vuoi raggiungermi mentre sono in Brasile per risolvere i tuoi dubbi? Vuoi una consulenza per la tua coreografia? Vuoi creare un nuovo lavoro con la tua troupe ATS® e ti serve una preparazione solida, una guida? 
Tanti motivi, una sola soluzione che propongo con gioia alle mie allieve nuove e anche per quelle "storiche": le lezioni a distanza su Skype o Facetime. Scrivimi per prenotare. Raccontami le tue necessità e creerò delle lezioni a tua misura. Danziamo in libertà. Ti aspetto!
Il campo di rose di Renate Bertlmann, Discordo Ergo Sum, Padiglione Austria, Biennale di Venezia 2019.
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