Ninth Wave Studio ANNUAL REPORT 2019
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The mission of Ninth Wave Studio is to promote, support and nurture the ingenuity and individual growth of the artists of Southwest Michigan by providing collaborative opportunities for exhibitions, creative events, experimentation, practice and dialog.

Dear Board Members,

A very Happy New Year to all. I can enthusiastically say that Ninth Wave Studio saw a very busy and rewarding 2019. This upcoming year promises to be busy, as well with Ninth Way Studio's first Artist in Residence arriving in May and our first Artist Salon starting in June. This report is my best attempt to review and communicate the progress and accomplishments we have made in alignment with our Mission Statement during 2019. Thank you so much for your willingness to participate and help. Look for an upcoming invitation to a April 2020 meeting.

Linda Rzoska


Ninth Wave Studio participated in two Art Hops in conjunction with the Art Council of Greater Kalamazoo in 2019. Participation in six Art Hops are planned for 2020.

September 2019: "Figure Drawings" – artist: Vicki Nelson. This opening brought in a record high attendance for a solo exhibition at 85.

December 2019: "Annual Group Show", – artists: Melody Allen, Mary Brodbeck, Michael Dunn, Karen French, Alexa Karabin, Honore Lee, Maryellen Hains, Mary Hatch, Anna Z Ill, Nancy Payne, Linda Rzoska, Vicki VanAmeyden, Don VanAuken, and Randy Walker.
This opening reception brought in a record high attendance for a group exhibition at over 125. The exhibition expanded the gallery area in the Mary Louise Haynes House by utilizing both the first floor and second floors.

In its efforts to provide support for an artist’s individual growth and to promote ingenuity, Ninth Wave Studio initiated two special projects, "The Photosynthesis Project" and the "Ireland Immersion Trip" in 2018.

The Photosynthesis Project
This project will soon be entering into its third year where its participants continue to consider and explore the subject of photosynthesis, and responding to it artistically.
During the process of this project in 2019, Ninth Wave Studio supported the participating artists by providing scheduled opportunities for participants’ research, discussion and creative growth via meetings and workshops.

November 1st of 2019 saw the opening of the project's first major exhibition, more information about this exhibition appears below. In March and April of 2020 a scaled down version of the exhibition will be shown at The People's Church in Kalamazoo. Plans are underway for a second major Photosynthesis Exhibition to take place in the Monroe Gallery in the Richmond Center for Visual Arts at Western Michigan University in the Spring of 2022.

Photosynthesis Project Exhibition 2019
The first major Photosynthesis Project Exhibition took place in November 2019 in the galleries of Kalamazoo Valley Community College's (KVCC) Center for New Media. The opening reception coordinated with the Art Council of Greater Kalamazoo's Art Hop event on Friday, November 1, 2019.
Participants in the 2019 exhibition were Melody Allen, Tamara Hirzel, Dave Middleton, Helen Kleczynski, Lynn Pattison, Elizabeth Kerlikowske, Randy Walker, Susan Badger, Maryellen Hains, Joe Smigiel, Alexa Karabin, Linda Rzoska, Justin Bernhardt, Vicki VanAmeyden, and Anna Ill.

The opening reception was dynamic and well attended. The contributing participants received many positive comments. An example is an email from the Director of the Frostic School of Art's Richmond Center for Visual Arts, Dr. Indra Lacis:

"And, we were so happy to attend the opening on Friday … what an absolutely stunning exhibition you have! I loved being in that space and am definitely going to come back to see it more closely. We live near there and walk downtown often … I did notice the hours are limited, but I will say — that gallery has the BEST location in town — so visible … Very happy for your success with the project … CONGRATS!! looking forward to seeing the show again … "

The 2019 Ireland Immersion Trip

Ninth Wave Studio sponsored and organized  a twelve day trip that offered its participants an immersion into the landscape and history of western Ireland. In addition to visits to historical and cultural sites the trip included scheduled time for research, study, writing, sketchbook work, plein air work and reflection.
An exhibition of artwork resulting from this trip is in the planning stage.

Participants were:
Melody Allen, Susan Badger, Kerry Badger, Tamara Hirzel, Maryellen Hanes, Helen Kleczynski, Honore Lee, Jeffrey Lee, Jamie Michaels, Phil Michaels, Dave Middleton, Randy Walker.

A second Ireland Immersion Trip is being planned for summer of 2020.
The recipient of the 2019 Ninth Wave Studio Award for Ingenuity in Mixed Media or Intermedia was Douglas LaFerle for “Kali’s Wheel”, kinectic sculpture.

The award was presented at the opening reception of the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts 2019 West Michigan Area Show.

Ninth Wave Studio hosted 3 of the 4 workshops for The Photosynthesis Project participants 2019.

Digital Layering Workshop
The step by step process of creating digitally layered compositions using Adobe Photoshop was introduced in this hands-on workshop. Participants practiced utilizing "layer modes" and "layer masks" while experimenting with various imaging compositing methods under the instruction of Linda Rzoska.

Possibilities of Patterns Workshop 
n examination, discussion and experimentation of the use of patterns was the topic of this workshop given by Linda Rzoska. The topic was inspired by the artwork of Anne Korff in her exhibition "East Meets West" which was viewed by many of the Photosynthesis participants at the Burren College of Art in Ireland in May of 2019 during NWS's Ireland Immersion Trip.
Exploration of Drypoint Workshop
introduction, tutorial and hands-on exploration of drypoint in printmaking was the topic of this workshop presented by Linda Rzoska.
Exploration with Cyanotype Workshop
Photosynthesis participant, Joe Smigiel gave an introduction, tutorial and provided a hands-on exploration of the Cyanotype Process and the creation and use of Digital Negatives. This workshop took place at Kalamazoo Valley Community College's Center for New Media.


Ninth Wave Studio's first Artist in Residence, Doet Boersma will arrive on May 20th for a month long residency. Boersma will be introduced to the Kalamazoo community with a Kalamazoo Institute of Arts (KIA) May 26th ArtBreak session arranged by Denise Lisiecki, Director of the Kirk Newman Art School at the KIA. This session will allow Boersma to do a presentation, display artwork and announce dates of, and distribute materials about, workshops and classes.

Boersma was born in Wjelsryp, Province of Friesland, The Netherlands. She was educated in teaching arts and crafts at the Ubbo Emmius Institute in Leeuwarden (1983) and in 1985 she graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts Minerva in Groningen.

Her home and studio are in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.

The concept of Ninth Wave Studio sponsored Artist Salons has been discussed in Advisory Board meetings over the past few years. In November of 2019 research was done of their purpose, structure and benefits by Linda Rzoska. This research was brought before the Board during NWS's December 2019 meeting with a proposal to begin holding Artist Salons in the summer of 2020. The Artist Salon concept was discussed with an overwhelming consensus by the attending members that sponsoring Artist Salons aligned with NWS’s Mission Statement.

These Artist Salons are to provide opportunities for area emerging and established artists to meet other artists, share ideas, present current work, and answer questions about their own work. The salon sessions will also present opportunities for discussion about upcoming opportunities in the arts and art community, professional development, and other relevant news.

The first Artist Salon will be in June of 2020.

Lorrie Abdo, Don Ashcraft, Susan Badger, Mindi Bagnall, Mark DeYoung, Maryellen Hains, Anna Ill, Dave Middleton, Vicki VanAmeyden and Randy Walker.
Ninth Wave Studio
Mary Louise Haynes House
213 West Walnut Street
Kalamazoo, Michigan

The mission of Ninth Wave Studio is to promote, support and nurture the ingenuity and individual growth of the artists of Southwest Michigan by providing collaborative opportunities for exhibitions, creative events, experimentation, practice and dialog.
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