Ninth Wave Studio ANNUAL REPORT 2018
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Dear Board Members,

A very Happy New Year to all. It was just last year that you accepted the invitation to be on the Advisory Board of Ninth Wave Studio (NWS). As an Advisory Board you proved to be effective and efficient – together, within two meetings we drafted and then finalized a Mission Statement and outlined a series of plans for NWS's future. This report is my best attempt to review and communicate the progress and accomplishments we have made in alignment with the Mission Statement and toward these plans. Thank you for your willingness to help and look for an upcoming invitation to a March 2019 meeting.

Linda Rzoska


Lorrie Abdo, Don Ashcraft, Susan Badger, Mindi Bagnall, Mark DeYoung, Maryellen Hains, Anna Ill, Dave Middleton, Vicki VanAmeyden and Randy Walker.

The mission of Ninth Wave Studio is to promote, support and nurture the ingenuity and individual growth of the artists of Southwest Michigan by providing collaborative opportunities for exhibitions, creative events, experimentation, practice and dialog.

Ninth Wave Studio participated in six Art Hops in conjunction with the Art Council of Greater Kalamazoo.

March 2018: "Objections" curated by Vicki VanAmeyden – artists: Vicki VanAmeyden, Brian Carey, Donald W. VanAuken, Susan Badger, Gerald Mackey, Martin Hubbard and Penny Rose.

April 2018: "Growth: Perceptions of a Perpetual Student" – artist: Felicia Lynn Bojkewich

May 2018: "There Once Was a Road Through These Woods", – artist: Donald W. VanAuken.

September 2018: "Occurrence, Memory and Cycles", – artist: Alexa Karabin

October 2018: "From Sketch to Studio", curated by Helen Klecynski – artists: Helen Klecynski, Dave Middleton, Tamara Hirzel and Susan Snyder.

November 2018: "Annual Group Show", – artists: Melody Allen, Mary Brodbeck, Gary Cialdella, Alexa Karabin, Honore Lee, Maryellen Hains, Mary Hatch, Anna Z Ill, Linda Rzoska and Vicki VanAmeyden.


In its efforts to provide support for an artist’s individual growth and to promote ingenuity Ninth Wave Studio initiated "The Photosynthesis Project" and the "Ireland Immersion Trip" in 2018.

The Photosynthesis Project:
In this project the participants are considering and exploring the subject of photosynthesis, so basic to our existence, and responding to it artistically.
During the process of this project in the last year, Ninth Wave Studio supported the participating artists by providing scheduled opportunities for participants’ research, discussion and creative growth via meetings. Workshops are scheduled to begin in February of 2019 with the group's first substantial exhibition in the galleries of Kalamazoo Valley Community College’s Center for New Media in the heart of downtown Kalamazoo. The opening reception is planned for Friday, November 1, 2019 during the Art Council of Greater Kalamazoo's Art Hop.
Current participants are:
Melody Allen, Elizabeth Kerlikowske, Michael Dunn, Maryellen Hanes, David Stokes, Randy Walker, Anna Ill, Vicki VanAmeyden, Tamara Hirzel, Dave Middleton, Alexa Karabin, Linda Rzoska, Joe Smigiel, Justin Bernhardt, Susan Badger, Helen Kleczynski.


Ireland Immersion for Creatives:
In May of 2019 twelve artists will be leaving for Ireland for Ninth Wave Studio's 12 day "Ireland Immersion for Creatives." trip. This trip was designed to offer its participants an immersion into the landscape and history of western Ireland. In addition to site visits – time has been scheduled for research, study, writing, sketchbook work, plein air work and reflection.

An exhibition of artwork resulting from this trip is in the planning stage.

Participants are:
Melody Allen, Susan Badger, Kerry Badger, Tamara Hirzel, Maryellen Hanes, Helen Kleczynski, Honore Lee, Jeffrey Lee, Jamie Michaels, Phil Michaels, Dave Middleton, Randy Walker.

Linda Rzoska is leading the trip.


The recipient of the Ninth Wave Studio Award for Ingenuity in Mixed Media or Intermedia was Vicki VanAmeydan for “Hells Bells”, relief print on 47 used tea bags, cord.

The award was presented at the opening reception of the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts 2018 West Michigan Area Show.

Ninth Wave Studio coordinated with Kalamazoo Valley Community College's Center for New Media to offer three workshops in the Spring of 2018.

Printmaking: ANM 101 History of Illustration students had the opportunity to try their hand at drypoint engraving


Encaustic: ART 205 Advanced Painting students learned the basics of encuastic collage in a 2 session workshop.

Critique Methods: ART 101 Design Theory students tested their knowledge and understanding of the elements and principles of design in an end of the semester Critique Methods workshop.

During the March 2018 Board Meeting discussion took place regarding bringing in an Artist in Residence to Ninth Wave Studio.

The logistics of the best way to introduce the artist to the Kalamazoo community prompted a discussion with Denise Lisiecki, Director of the Kirk Newman Art School at the Kalamazoo Institute of Art. In this discussion Lisiecki offered the artist the venue of an ART BREAK session. The venue will allow the artist to do a presentation, display artwork and announce dates of, and distribute materials about, workshops and classes.

Plans are that fee based workshops and classes will take place in the studio space of the artist at Ninth Wave Studio with the fee going directly to the artist – this will help cover the artist's cost of transportation, supplies and living expenses. Housing for the artist will be provided by Linda and Les Rzoska.

The Dutch artist Doet Boersma has accepted the invitation to be Ninth Wave Studio's first Artist in Residence beginning in the Spring of 2020.

Boersma was born in Wjelsryp, Province of Friesland, The Netherlands. She was educated in teaching arts and crafts at the Ubbo Emmius Institute in Leeuwarden (1983) and in 1985 she graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts Minerva in Groningen.

Her home and studio is in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.

Ninth Wave Studio
Mary Louise Haynes House
213 West Walnut Street
Kalamazoo, Michigan

The mission of Ninth Wave Studio is to promote, support and nurture the ingenuity and individual growth of the artists of Southwest Michigan by providing collaborative opportunities for exhibitions, creative events, experimentation, practice and dialog.
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