September 2019 Newsletter


Although the afternoon heat still makes it feel a lot like summer on the farm, it is officially fall, which means shorter days, cooler nights, and a lot of harvesting to do! In fact, we are pleased to share that on the 1/8th of an acre that has been in production so far this year, we have harvested and donated nearly 1,000 pounds of fresh organic produce! 

In the coming weeks, we hope to add to that total, as our fall crops start to mature, including carrots, radishes, turnips, and beets. If you're local, feel free to stop by the farm, especially if you're coming to our fundraiser, Wine at the Shrine

See you on the farm,

Matt Jones
Farm & Outreach Coordinator

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What's Growing

While our tomatoes, cucumbers and other warm-season crops are starting to slow down, some of our cool-season plants are just getting started. In a week or two we should have a big harvest of purple-top turnips, a beautiful vegetable whose tops turn purple as they are exposed to sunlight. Last week we planted a variety of French breakfast radish, which will produce long roots that are bright pink and white. Radishes are a great late-season crop because they mature in as little as three weeks!
Purple top turnip
Radish seedling
In addition to the food crops, we have a number of non-food plants on the farm for attracting pollinators and beneficial insects, including these sunflowers which are favorites of bees and butterflies (and the farmer's wife!). While our sunflowers are now past their prime, we hope to collect the seeds to plant more next year!
Teddy bear sunflower
Various bee species on sunflower
Drivers Needed!
If you or someone you know is interested in making deliveries of our harvested produce to the Franciscan Center of Baltimore, please contact Matt Jones (by email at or phone at (443)-274-5430). This is a great opportunity to get involved and encounter the community that receives the fresh food we are working hard to grow! 

Farm Facts

Crimson clover is one of the many cover crops planted at Little Portion Farm. These plants are not harvested for food, but are crucial in improving soil health, especially since our land was previously farmed with heavy chemical application. Clovers, like all legumes, are unique in that they form symbiotic relationships with bacteria in the soil that take nitrogen from the air and convert it to a form that plants can use as a nutrient. While our clovers are not flowering right now, we hope their bacteria friends are working hard to prepare some fertile soil for planting next spring. 

Wine at the Shrine Festival

If you have not bought your tickets yet for Wine at the Shrine, be sure to do so soon! This exciting new family-friendly festival in support of Little Portion Farm will be held on the beautiful grounds of the Shrine of St. Anthony and feature live music, local beer and wine, kids activities, food trucks, local crafts, tours of the farm, and much more! 

All proceeds support the joint mission of Little Portion Farm and the Franciscan Center of Baltimore, to care for the land and provide fresh organic produce to those in need. 

All ages are welcome! 

Sunday, October 13
1:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Shrine of St. Anthony

Get tickets

Little Portion Farm T-Shirts and Hats

Visit the gift shop in the Shrine of St. Anthony in Ellicott City to buy some farm swag! T-shirts come in white (with color logo), brown, grey, and dark green (white logo) and have a quote from our patron, Blessed Giles of Assisi on the back: “Those who lovingly work their small expanse of fields, reap enough for themselves and others.” Check out our hats, as well!

Food for Thought

"Inner peace is closely related to care for ecology and for the common good because, lived out authentically, it is reflected in a balanced lifestyle together with a capacity for wonder which takes us to a deeper understanding of life. Nature is filled with words of love, but how can we listen to them amid constant noise, interminable and nerve-wracking distractions, or the cult of appearances? ... An integral ecology includes taking time to recover a serene harmony with creation, reflecting on our lifestyle and our ideals, and contemplating the Creator who lives among us and surrounds us..."
- Pope Francis, Laudato Si', no. 225
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