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A NY40 interior design challenge -- Belfast, Maine

We've had the absolute pleasure of taking on a support role in the restoration project of the NY40, Marilee.  The 1926 yacht is undergoing a complete restoration process, complete in two stages over two winters, at the venerable French & Webb, Inc., in Belfast, Maine.  Just a couple blocks down from our studio, it's easy to follow the project and remain current on developments that may require our attention. 

Our largest contribution to the project was working with the captain and owner to fully re-imagine the interior arrangement and decor. 

The yachts of this era were enjoyed by many; these wondrously beautiful sailing platforms provide ample deck spaces for  all the friends possible on a day of racing.  Down below, however, little attention was given to comfort. This is where we come in. 

Back in the day, it was common to go down below and find an abundance of pesky head-smacking features, or settees and bunk furniture constructed like church pews, or cavernous spaces lacking much natural light; when it came to creature comforts and ergonomic design, well, let us just say we've learned a lot in 100 years.

In the studio, we worked handily to come up with creative solutions for fitting comfortable interior furniture into small spaces, while also steering the style and layout into something that is unique and workable to the yacht.  Great effort was given to keeping the space as "open" as possible, so that one could look through the length of the interior from bow to stern without anything impinging on view.  Note, the settees have been raised up onto a step.  This was one idea that allowed us to push things further outboard to free-up the middle of the boat and give a broader sense of openness and elbow room.  That detail also allowed us to layout a working nav area to occupy an otherwise useless space outboard of the engine.

Our work in interior design over the years has been born through our more sophisticated designs, yet it's the capabilities we now have for communicating these ideas that speak directly to a productive process.  3D modeling allows us to quickly and effectively mock up interior elements, and the rendering process allow us to fully detail just how the interior could look and feel by finely tuning finishes, lighting and various material features.  

If you are interested in this design or in our design process, please consider contacting us to explore your ideas.



A visionary of boats. As artist—as sailor—Bob is grounded in boat building, and has a passion for striking the defining line. Bob has his eye on the balance between aesthetic and workability. Bob’s experience in traditional design and craftsmanship has fueled a fire not only to pursue modern—day revision of classic ideas but also to achieve new levels of performance and style. Bob’s love for his time on the water shows through his passion for design—a combination of lifelong endeavor and pure personal enjoyment.

“The most rewarding part of my job is distilling my clients’ dreams and desires into tangible creations in which we can all take pride and pleasure.”


An idea man. To Paul the ultimate pleasure is meeting technical challenges that drive the development of high-performance yachts while pushing the envelope for style and design creativity. As sailor—as craftsman—Paul has an eye for structural detail. As designer—as creator—Paul brings passionate curiosity for building innovation into the vessels he creates. It’s his thinking outside the boundaries that make Paul a devotee to the pursuit of design refinement and new ideas.

”My passion is driven by my goal of creating breakthrough concepts that meld the visions of my clients with our firm’s rich yachting traditions.”
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