Thank you for praying!
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Thank you for your prayers; please keep them up.

My Dear Friend,
Thank you. Thank you for your countless thoughts and prayers. We live in a world today where people just want to have "good vibes" or "happy thoughts." But, we know that "every good gift...cometh down from the Father of lights...." We also know that "the prayer of faith shall save the sick...." Thank you for being a part of that. 

As with anything, any progress, no matter how slowly it may seem to come, is good progress. Caleb has had a rough week thus far. On Monday he underwent a surgery that normally should take between two and four hours; his took about seven. Since then he has been battling nausea, fatigue, severe pain, and discouragement. The doctors and nurses are being very aggressive in trying to get him out of bed, sitting, and even walking (just a few steps). These are necessary tasks, but every time Caleb has to complete one, he is fatigued and often times nauseous. The good news, however, is that he is able to complete them fully. 

He looks very good. The repair could not have gone better, and we give God all glory and praise for that! He still has quite a long way to go, but he is also further along than he was from even yesterday. Here are some things that he could use prayer for:
1) Physical healing 
2) For the pain to start subsiding. They are beginning to take him off of pain meds, so he will really begin to feel the pain now. 
3) Emotional wellness. Pray that he is encouraged. Often times after a surgery, you face quite a massive amount of depression and discouragement. Please be praying that he stays in the fight.
4) For our family. Mom has hardly left his side, and Dad, Sarah, and I are back and forth between home, work, and the hospital. Pray that the Lord keeps our health and spirits up as well.  

We know that people have certainly been lifting him up in prayer. Right now, the progress is small; but, there is progress! He asked for a strawberry shake this morning! Even that is progress. It means that his appetite is coming back, and that will allow him to gain strength to recover. God has answered your prayers thus far, and I know that He will continue to do so. Honestly, without YOUR prayers, he may not be where he is today. But, God hears his saints, and even though you have never met my little brother, you have made an impact on his life through prayer. I will continue to try to send out updates on his progress. Thank you for your faithful prayers. 

Josh and Sarah
Psalm 46:10

Even going from he bed to the chair is a huge and painful task! However, praise the Lord that he is able to do it. 
He was slightly more alert yesterday, but not much! ; ) And no, he didn't eat that food. Today it sounds like he is starting to get his appetite back, though! I am sure he would really appreciate any card or letter of encouragement. If you would like to send him one, you can send it to:
Caleb Wagar
4516 Hunters Point Drive
Portsmouth, VA
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