Thank you for praying!
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The Hard Part is Over
Thank you for your prayers

My Dear Friend,

Caleb and I are about 8 1/2 years apart. When we were kids, I used to do what all good big brothers do: rough up my little brother. I always knew that some day all of that big brother stuff would pay off because it would make Caleb tougher and stronger than ever before! ; ) I have succeeded. Though this surgery was far from being a cinch for him, I am happy to say that because of all of the "training" I gave him as a kid, he is doing very well. 

In all seriousness, aside from God answering the prayers of His saints, Caleb would not have been able to do as well as he did. Because of your prayers, he was able to leave the hospital two days early, to begin walking up and down stairs, and to start stomaching food. Also, because of your prayers, our family was able to get through this time as well. We know that ultimately, God is the One that did all of that. However, He did say that, "the prayer of faith shall save the sick." You prayed for Caleb and God healed him. Thank you. 

Thank you to each one of you who sent a card or package. He was receiving them from literally all over the United States. That is an amazing testimony on YOUR behalf. Matthew 25:35-40 gives an amazing account of Christ rewarding those who fed, clothed, and visited Christ. They asked Christ, "Lord, when saw we Thee..." sick and hungry? In a beautiful response, Christ said that when they had done it to the least of the brethren, they had done it to Christ Himself. In Matthew 10, Christ speaks of simply giving a cold cup of water. You have done so much more. You have given time in prayer, care packages, and cards to one of the saints as well as to his family. Thank you. 

Caleb still has a bit of recovering to do, but he is at least back to some mild household activities. It will be a while before he can bend and twist, lift and jump, or even sleep on his stomach. However, he is far better than he was a two weeks ago. God is abundantly good. 

Here is a note from Caleb:
"Thank you so much for all the cards and prayer! It's such a blessing knowing there are people praying for me!"

Thank you once again for your prayers and thoughts! We are grateful for you. 

In Christ,
Josh and Sarah Wagar
Psalm 46:10


Caleb was able to come home two days sooner than expected. Here he is walking in the front door. The short trip wore him out, but we are just thankful that he was able to come home earlier. 
This is with one of the very generous care packages sent to him. Thank you to everyone who sent him a card or package. They brightened his days. 
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