March 2016
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Ever Closer

Our Dear Friends,

Since you last heard from us in January, God has continued to raise our support level in a significant manner. We are now at 82% of our needed support and believe that even that number will soon increase. The Lord has given us many meetings that have yielded support; for that we are certainly grateful. God is ever able to increase! 

One particular encouragement was being able to visit a supporting church in West Virginia. It was refreshing to be able to give an in-person update and see some familiar, friendly faces. 

It looks like I will be taking a trip in May over to Chuuk in order to look for a house. These plans are not yet finalized, but it is a strong possibility and really about the only time that I have to make a trip like this. Please be praying that the Lord would continue to give clear wisdom in these matters. 

As for us personally, we are doing well. If we may be transparent with you, however, we are beginning to feel the effects of traveling for two years. We are not only ready to be able to begin the specific ministry to which we are called, but also to be able to settle down in one place for a bit. We know that this will soon come to pass! Milena is also growing big. She now rolls just about any time that you put her on her back, squeals and babbles constantly, and smiles to no end! Our new full time ministry is simply being her schoffers to all of these churches! Also, Sarah's tailbone is finally healing. She still has some residual pain, but she is doing much better since the last letter. Thank you for your prayers. 

Sarah, Milena, and I arrived home on Thursday, March 24 and are headed out again this coming Friday, April 1. We have a very full schedule ahead of us; your prayers regarding to safety, good meetings, encouragement, and our being an encouragement to those we come across would certainly be appreciated. Thank you to all of you that do pray! We are so grateful for the part that you have in our ministry. We couldn't be as effective without you. 

Until the Islands Know Him
Josh, Sarah, and Milena Wagar
Romans 15:21

I am very grateful for God's hand of protection while I was traveling by myself to a meeting in NC recently.
Milena enjoyed her very first Easter! 
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