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What can I do?

This autumn is a challenging time for me. I feel like I've been walking through a dark forest. There is some light shining through the leaves, but I'm not sure how far do I have left to get to the nearest tavern.

That's why I've been reviewing methods that can make the journey easier. Here are two strategies that have been working for me. Maybe they will help you too!

Appreciate what you have

If we don't appreciate what we have now we'll never be happy with what we have in the future.

When I stop to list the things that make me happy now and have been making my life great for many years I become less stressed about the things I want, that I currently lack.

There is a lot of research to back up this attitude of gratitude. See for example [Wood, 2010].

So the challenge for me and you today is simple:

List three things you are greatful for.

Bonus: do it every day for a week, listing different things each day.

What can I do?

When I'm ruminating on a difficult situation, where the difference between a positive outcome and a negative one is particularly large I try to ask myself:

What can I reasonably do to increase my chance for success?

This forces me to consider two options:

Option 1: I can do it. Then I do it. If I want to. Or not. Either way it's my choice so no stress.

Option 2: I can't do it. If I really can't there's no point in stressing out over it. Nothing left to do but accept it (and maybe start working on a plan B).

I'm sure this line of thinking is not enough to solve all problems, but it really helped me this week.

Will it help you as well?

Pick a challenge you've been obsessing over, but have not made much progress recently.

Ask yourself: what can I do about it?

Then go on practicing the art of the possible.

As always I'd love to hear for you. Hit reply and tell me what you think!

See you soon, Michał

(picture by Jamshed Khedri via Unsplash)

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