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In this update I'll share with you:
  1. three PODCASTS I've found most interesting about things remote teams need to be happy and effective (LISTEN at your leasure)
  2. three one minute TIPS to improve your communication (READ and APPLY)
  3. three WORKSHOPS where we'll turn knowledge into action (SIGN UP!)
There's a lot of useful stuff below, so let's get right into it!


1) Remote teams need to figure out new moves

For many of us the current situation is unlike anything we've seen before.

This is a tricky spot to be in, because as Lisa Feldman Barett tells Lex Friedman in a recent podcast our brains are constantly attempting to predict what will happen next by comparing what we're sensing now to past experiences.

Essentially asking "This thing right now, that's like what?" in order to trigger a quick and effective response.

If the new situation does not align well with our established patterns... it's easy to make a mess of things.

I interpret that to mean remote teams need patience, empathy and care to figure out new moves rather than trying to copy office-centered practices verbatim.

2) Remote teams need a safe and comfortable workspace

Watch or listen to Lisette Sutherland's interview with Carlos Escutia about how his company helps people set up their home offices, because working from your laptop on the kitchen counter or another temporary place can get old fast.

3) Remote teams need effective retrospectives

Listen to Mark Kilby interviewed by Enrico Teotti about remote retros.

Here are three lessons extracted from that interview:

  1. keep it simple - maybe a straight up lean coffee,
  2. start with appreciations instead of fixating only on problems,
  3. embrace confusiasm - you might be confused (maybe by a flashy new tool) but that's ok, we'll figure it out together.

Bonus resource: Remote leaders need to understand without distortions

If you're interested in clean language, watch my conversation with Ellen Tongzhou Zhao about how clean language helps us explore our own and other people's thinking without distorting it.


Remote leaders need to communicate well

Here are three tips about making your communication better by making it more CCM:

  1. Make Your Communication Concrete,
  2. Make Your Communication Concise,
  3. Make Your Communication Meaningful for Your Intended Audience.
If you're interested: read, apply, ... benefit!

Oh, and one more thing:

I've been sending out "One Minute Tips for Remote Leaders" twice a week since the beginning of September via a newsletter hosting website called Substack. I will be merging that list with this one, so apart from monthly updates and other occasional messages EXPECT to receive two new tips a week starting next week!


And finally, coming to a Zoom call near you:

1) Outcome Focused Leadership: A Tactical Approach FREE WORKSHOP

In this workshop we will practice methods that will help you, your stakeholders and your team be more intentional in our work and avoid unpleasant surprises late in the game

This is also the first meeting of my new Remote Leadership Meetup.

Sign up here

2) From Burnout to Flow: Reduce Meeting Overload FREE WORKSHOP, in Polish

"Od wypalenia do satysfakcji: jak zmniejszyć przeciążenie w pracy zdalnej?" in collaboration with Świat Przywództwa.

Sign up here (if you speak polish)

3) Collaboration Superpowers "Hybrid Team Collaboration" WORKSHOP for YOUR TEAM

This workshop is about creating team agreements to reduce unnecessary conflict and get things done more smoothly, improving the meetings you have and reducing the meetings you need by going asynchronous and being deliberate about team building, because a lot of ambient connection-building is missing when we're not all in the same office day in and day out.

I'm delivering a private version on Monday, but if you're interested learn more on and email me to set one up for your team too!

I hope these resources, tips and workshops serve your well!

See you soon,


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