Volume 2, Number 3
March 2016
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Commit. Trust. Act.
"Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him, and He will act." -Psalm 37:5

We are learning to be flexible. While we, as a couple, like to have things planned out and scheduled, we know that this is something we need to work on as we move and live in another culture. There are always changes and things can be unpredictable, but God is in control. We have learned that Keir and Joanna Thelander, one of the couples on the team in Bongolo will be transitioning back to the States. Keir will begin his new job as the Chief Medical Officer of the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS​) this summer. So instead of being the Program Director of Bongolo Hospital in Gabon, he will now oversee all of PAACS while residing in the United States. While this is a great job for him and it is what God is calling them to do, it leaves a hole in the team at Bongolo. It also leaves a hole for us, as we have become good friends with the Thelanders, and had anticipated serving alongside them when we got to Bongolo. We know God has great things in store for their family as well as for the team at Bongolo. Please join us in prayer for this time of transition for the team, as well as for the Thelanders and their transition back to the United States after 10 years overseas. We are excited to get over to Bongolo and join the team and help out, but know we have some preparation to do before we arrive.

Did you know?
Last month we shared some information about Albertville, France where we will be for our language study. This month we have been learning about Gabon and thought we would share some of what we have learned.

Did you know...

1. Gabon is slightly smaller in area than the state of Colorado?

2. The population of Gabon is around 1.5 million people?

3. Gabon lies on the equator and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon and the Congo?

4. More than 10% of Gabon’s total area is protected parkland?

5. The capital city of Gabon is Libreville?

6. The money used is the Central African Franc (CFA)? Currently $1.00 = 595 CFA. The CFA is the currency of 6 independent states in Central Africa: Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.

7. The time in Gabon is 6 hours ahead of Ohio (the same as France)?

8. Gabon has a tropical climate and temperatures remain constant throughout the year, averaging between 84-88 degrees fahrenheit?

Prayer Requests

1. Pray that we continue to seek God’s wisdom and strength as we take each step in preparations and transition.

2. Pray for our children (Sarah (Adam) and Aaron) during this transition time. Pray for their studies as they are still in college. Pray for their health and protection. Pray for God’s guidance as they seek out career paths.

3. Pray for the team in Bongolo as they make adjustments with the Thelanders leaving. Also pray for the Thelanders as they prepare to move back to the United States.

4. Pray for our French language study, and the process to obtain a French visa.

Jeff and Amy Lane
Serving at Bongolo Hospital with the Christian and Missionary Alliance.
Partner with us
Now - Sorting, packing, speaking and fundraising
July 2016 - Pre-field orientation and training
September 2016 - French language school
July 2017 - Arrive in Bongolo
If you would like to contribute financially to God's work in Gabon you may give online here. Alternatively, checks can be sent to: The Christian and Missionary Alliance, Office of Donor Accounting, 8595 Explorer Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 with "Jeff and Amy Lane" in the memo line.

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